As MAD secured its Worlds spot, here's how G2 can make it to League of Legends' biggest international event

Image via Riot
Image via Riot
Michael A Daugherty

After the beating G2 received from MAD Lions today in Round 1 of the LEC Playoffs, the team's chances of reaching the League of Legends World Championship hang by a thread.

Rogue and MAD Lions bought their tickets to the World Championship as they moved onto the LEC Finals for the upper bracket, leaving G2 to make a lower bracket run. G2 has been 1 of the 2 flagbearers for Europe in the League of Legends Worlds tournament, but there's a possibility it won't even make it this year.

How can G2 make it to the League of Legends World championship?

G2 now relies on a third-place spot in the LEC Playoffs for its World Championship dream to stay alive. The third-place team in the LEC will advance to the Play-In position for the 2021 Worlds, a spot G2 will have to fight for against other powerhouses in its region.

The good news for G2 is that it will move a game ahead of Misfits and 2 games ahead of Fnatic and Vitality. G2 held the higher seed, so it'll need to win the game to progress through the playoffs and clinch that third-place slot.

However, Misfits and Fnatic also have their eyes set on the World Championship. Despite losing the series, Misfits played tremendously against Rogue so there is no place for complacency.

G2 evened the score with Misfits in the Summer Split in their head-to-head matches, so a rematch would break the tie and send the victor forward to play the loser of Rogue and MAD Lions.

Fnatic is on the other side of the coin for G2, but the former lost to the latter on both occasions during the LEC Summer Split. Many are predicting Fnatic and G2 to battle for the third and final spot at the 2021 League of Legends World Championship.

The winner between Fnatic and Vitality will move on to play Misfits, and the winner of that game will play G2 in the next round. If G2 manages to defend its slot, it could advance to secure the coveted play-in spot.

G2 has been a dominating force in the Worlds tournaments for the previous few years, so seeing the team decline so drastically is devastating. G2 doesn't have a guaranteed ticket to Worlds yet, but it could take it from Misfits or Fnatic if everything goes according to plan.

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