League of Legends LEC Game of the Day: G2 loses 4th game in a row after handing Misfits elder drake

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Michael A Daugherty

Most people thought that most of the excitement for today's LEC games would pour from the Spring Split finals between Rogue and MAD Lions but G2 had other ideas.

G2 and Misfits grabbed the spotlight with an insane throw from the former when they dominated the whole game.


LEC fans were shocked as G2 started to run away with the game, taking nearly everything they could, including 4 drakes before the 30-minute mark. Watching Misfits take this game from under their opponent perfectly reflects how poorly G2 has really played.

G2's monster lead drains down the sink with one crucial team fight

The first 2 kills of the game went to Misfits as they bullied Caps on Lucien in the mid lane with a series of ganks. Everything from that point forward fell to G2 until the final 3 minutes.

Dr. Mundo made his first appearance in the LEC after the rework when G2's Wunder decided to pull him out against Sett. As the game progressed, Mundo became more and more unkillable, waltzing wherever he wanted to go and disrupting the Misfits team.

G2 picked up the pace as they picked kills from everywhere they could, including a bit of revenge as Caps shredded through Vetheo's Syndra. G2's bot lane roamed mid to aid him on multiple occasions.

At 20 minutes, G2 tore through 3 drakes and 2 Misfit towers as they pulled ahead in gold. Wunder's untouchable Mundo helped them secure everything by creating a massive front line.

Misfits' Razork found himself caught out multiple times at both Raptor spawns on the map, fueling G2's lead as the game progressed. A steady snowball on G2's side set them up for an early baron within 22 minutes with 3 drakes, 3 towers, and 5 kills in the bag.

With the baron, G2 dismantled the Misfits turrets, doubling the count to 6 by the end of the buff. Misfits attempted to force a fight in their red-sided jungle before the 4th drake spawned, but were knocked back with a tanky Mundo and a melting Tristana.

G2 held a 7k gold lead at 25 minutes with 4 drakes and a commanding presence in the game. They then moved on to their second baron where Misfits attempted to fight.

The disruption attempt fell like dying grass as G2 turned and increased their kill lead to 3-8. With a second baron, they decimated the Misfits base by taking 2 more towers and an inhibitor.

All hell broke loose post 30 minutes, however, as G2 rested comfortably with a 10k gold lead and the ability to slice through objectives as well as the enemy team. Misfits pulled a daring move to start the elder drake at 31 minutes, and G2 spread themselves too thin to do anything about it.

They waited around and practically watched Misfits take the elder drake before being forced into a grisly team fight. The buff on the Misfits team allowed them to execute 4 G2 players in a matter of seconds as the world sat in shock.

Fearing they wouldn't find another team fight like that one, Misfits bulldozed their way through mid lane as 80% of G2's team waited for their death timer to end. Down to 10k gold, 4 regular drakes, 5 kills, and 6 towers before that fight, Misfits incinerated G2's dreams of ending the loss streak.

Misfits took less than a minute to destroy the G2 nexus and stun viewers. They narrowed their vision on victory and took it from G2 with a warm handshake.

G2's loss today reveals the awful coordination that runs through their team. The embarrassing throw they displayed aligns perfectly with their previous 3 games.

If G2 wants to stop shooting themselves in the foot and make a comeback in the LEC, they need to patch some serious holes.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul


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