As Steam Deck crosses 100 verified playable games, Valve’s handheld gaming device is gearing up to be a must-have

Valve all set to launch Steam Deck with over hundred playable games (Image via Steam)
Valve all set to launch Steam Deck with over hundred playable games (Image via Steam)

After a number of delays, Valve’s Steam Deck will finally hit stores on February 25, 2022. After the first batch rolls out this month, Valve will start shipping the second batch of reservations on April 2022.

As the release date edges closer, more details are being revealed to players regarding the type of games available on the Deck.

Valve has already tested over 100 games on its upcoming handheld system and is planning to test more games before launch. According to SteamDB, Valve has graded 101 games as Steam Deck compatible.

Although the total list of games hasn’t been revealed till now, some of the notable mentions are Portal 2, Death Stranding, and the Dark Souls series.

Valve tested over 100 games to be playable on Steam Deck

The Steam Deck verification system by Valve categorizes compatibility into four different tiers, which are as follows:

  • “Verified” denotes that the game has passed all tests for controller input and other parameters like resolution and refresh rate of the device.
  • Games categorized in the “Playable” tier can be enjoyed, but they might need some tweaking and adjustments for optimum experience.
  • Players won’t be able to play the games which are flagged as “Unsupported” by Valve.

A recent list by SteamDB reveals that Valve has currently marked 60 out of 106 games as “Verified.” 41 games in the list are marked as “Playable,” as players can access them, albeit with minor adjustments. The rest of the games are currently unsupported, in which 4 games are VR titles.

Software specifications of the Steam Deck

The portable handheld computer boasts a quad-core AMD Zen-based CPU with 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM. The GPU is based on RDNA 2 architecture by AMD and offers NVMe storage of up to 512 GB. All the titles will be optimized for a resolution of 1280x800 px with an aspect ratio of 16:10.

It will run Valve’s Steam OS 3.0 and will be ready to support games for Windows. Players can easily enjoy games like Control, Celeste, Dishonored, Life is Strange and more.


The numbers seem quite impressive, considering Valve is yet to launch its handheld gaming PC. Hundreds of playable games straight out of the box is quite a solid start by Valve, and it is expected that more games will be added soon.

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