BadBunny: The Twitch streamer who shamed viewers for not donating - Where is she now?

Image via BadBunny
Image via BadBunny
Jorge A. Aguilar "Aggy"

BadBunny hasn't really gone anywhere. She's still making videos and spreading her strange ideas.

BadBunny had a decent-sized fanbase when she started streaming. She initially used to dress provocatively to gain viewers for her streams. She would also mix it up by doing yoga for her viewers.


Her claim to fame came after getting mad at her viewers for not donating money to her. This gained her a lot of notoriety among the Twitch community.

She used this fame to then start talking about politics. She stated that she was almost an alt-right supporter and wanted to educate her audience.

This got her an entirely new audience and her videos no longer dealt with the content that she was originally streaming. She also calmed down on the provocative attire.

Her recent videos are titled "yes, ALL cops are bad" and "cool kids hate capitalism."

BadBunny has made other strange and contradictory claims like being in favor of fairness for everyone and against capitalism.

She's followed that up by stating that all of her viewer's lives combined are not as valuable as hers. It seems like her content strategy is to blurt out controversial takes with no real context.

She is still making Twitch videos and has greatly benefitted from being on the news. She went from 20-40 viewers per stream two years ago to the thousands last year. Her streams now get eight to 14k views each.

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BadBunny gained her massive following through clout

Badbunny did not get her clout through fame or politics. She mostly gained it after telling her fans that they're worthless and that they should be paying her money for the streams.

Once bigger streamers and YouTubers like Dr Disrespect caught wind of that, they put her on the map.


She's since used publicity, both positive and negative, to carve out an image for herself in the streaming industry. It's a strange tactic but it seems to have worked for her.

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