Battlefield 2042 won’t be getting any new content before March 2022

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 isn't coming before March 2022 (Image by EA)
Battlefield 2042 Season 1 isn't coming before March 2022 (Image by EA)

According to recent data mining, Battlefield 2042 won’t be getting any new content before March of next year, when Season 1 will supposedly launch.

Developed by Dice and published by EA, Battlefield 2042, the latest iteration of the iconic first-person military shooter franchise, takes the series to a futuristic setting.

However, the Battlefield 2042 launched in an incomplete state with numerous bugs and a lack of content, which paired with the recent launches of Call of Duty Vanguard and Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer, quickly reduced the active player count.


Battlefield 2042 won’t be getting new content before March 2022

Aside from the numerous bugs and glitches that sometimes make the game unplayable, one of the main complaints about Battlefield 2042 is its lack of content. Battlefield 2042 is the first Battlefield game in recent years to not launch with a campaign, despite setting a narrative within the title.

The game also only launched with only 22 weapons, which is much lower than that of Call of Duty Vanguard or the previous Battlefield title, Battlefield V. It also diverted from the iconic class based setup in favor of being an operator based title, and attempts to emulate the success other titles have found with the formula.

The #Battlefield2042 client includes weekly missions for 12 preseason weeks.🗓️ Season 1 seems to be scheduled for March 2022 (unless they've added a few weeks as "backup").🇨🇦 "Exposure" is probably the final name for the previously datamined "Ridge" map.🎄 Happy Holidays!

This lack of content, as well as missing normal features like scoreboards and voice chat, which EA has dubbed “Legacy features”, has already driven a significant amount of players away from the title.

A recent data mine has revealed that there are a total of 12 pre-season weekly missions, which has led to the the conclusion that Season 1 isn’t coming anytime before March 2022. While it is true that Battlefield 2042 needs extensive bug fixes before any new content, it is also questionable how many players are willing to stick around. With titles such as Call of Duty Vanguard offering a robust and a regular amount of content, it won’t come as a surprise if a majority of the Battlefield playerbase decides to jump ship.

When is Battlefield 2042 Season 1 coming and what can players expect?

Battlefield 2042 was launched with seven maps and 10 operators at launch. While the maps are significantly larger compared to previous entries, they are also quite barebone and filled with bots.

SEASON 1 #Battlefield2042 NEWS:🗓️ Season 1 seems to be scheduled for March 2022 according to dataminers🇨🇦 NEW “Exposure” map based in CanadaStay tuned by following @BF2042News!

According to a recent datamine, Battlefield 2042 Season 1 is set for March 2022, five months after the title’s launch in November 2021. As already confirmed by EA and Dice, Season 1 will bring a new operator as well as a new battle pass.

Previously, data mining has suggested that a map set in Canada called Exposure is also coming to Battlefield 2042 Season 1.

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