Battlefield 3 Reality Mod: Where and how to download

BF 3: Reality Mod is all set to be released on July 17 (image via BF3:RM)
BF 3: Reality Mod is all set to be released on July 17 (image via BF3:RM)

Almost 11 years after its release, Battlefield 3 might be the game that will save the future of the FPS franchise. While Battlefield 2042 brought huge disappointment with the release, fans of the gaming franchise were trying to hold onto something that would save their favorite FPS experience.

A massive piece of news that will make them happy is the release of a new mod named 'BF3: Reality Mod.' The Reality Mod for Battlefield 3 is probably the most awaited mod in the community's history. Fans tracking the development know that it took seven years for it to be completed. The mod is a follow-up to Battlefield 2's Project Reality.

While Battlefield 2042 did not meet the expectations, fans are returning to old Battlefield games like Battlefield V, Battlefield I even BF 4 and BF 3. The oldest of them is Battlefield 3. It was released in 2011.


While it was released so many years ago, the game was ahead of its time in terms of gameplay and attention to detail and it still provides one of the best experiences in 2022. With the addition of the new mod, the developers are all set to make it more immersive.

How to download Battlefield 3: Reality Mod

Fans who love tactical shooters and team games will cherish this mod. Furthermore, there is no additional cost to downloading it. Players who own the original premium game version can download the mod for free and play it. Fans can click on the link and download it when it releases.

Release date

Battlefield 3's Reality Mod is set to be released on July 17 and will be available for everyone who owns the game.

The new mod gives the Battlefield 3 experience a complete overhaul and makes it a mil-sim experience that fans longed for. It is more like SQUAD, ARMA 3 but on Frostbite Engine and the massive destruction that Battlefield 3 provides.

According to the developers of the mod,

"BF3: RM is a BF3 modification with focus on team play, communication & combined arms. It's set in the real world starting from the end of the Cold War to modern day conflicts."

They further added:

"The Mod draws most of its inspiration from the successful BF2 "Project Reality" mod and offers a complete gameplay and UI overhaul that creates a more tactical and in-depth experience compared to the vanilla BF3."

Some content creators, including Tomographic and Bigfry, were invited to play the game. Their first impression of the game is probably what fans have wanted to hear for a long time. Realistic portrayals, brutal gameplay, and rich graphics make the game a perfect alternate for all mil-sim shooters.

With improved texture, visual fidelity, and new game mechanics, whether this modification will save the future of the Battlefield or not is just a matter of time.

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