"Being replaced in every way but romantic": Mizkif's ex-girlfriend Maya heartbroken over Emiru "replacing" her

Maya Higa breaks silence on Emiru moving into Mizkif's house (Image via Sportskeeda)
Maya Higa breaks silence on Emiru moving into Mizkif's house (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Popular cosplayer Emiru moving in with Mizkif at the latter's content house has drawn ire from scores of streamers. The streamer's former girlfriend Maya Higa is the most recent name on the list.

Emiru announced the decision a few weeks back. She has collaborated with One True King (OTK) Gaming on several projects and featured in a lot of Mizkif's streams.

After remaining tight-lipped on the matter, Maya Higa has finally broken her silence and stated how she feels "replaced in every way but romantic". The reason, according to her, is that everything has transpired in less than two months of her being separated from Mizkif, which has troubled her a lot.

Maya Higa reveals people have been comparing her with Emiru ever since she moved into Mizkif's house

Maya Higa reiterated how exhausting it has been for her. She seemed pretty perturbed by the whole scenario throughout the stream and revealed how every aspect of her relationship with Mizkif has been compared with that of Emiru's.


Here's what she said:

"Dealing with a break-up in the public eye is hard enough. And in less than two months being replaced in every way but romantic is hard enough. And then having thousands and thousands of people comparing the two of you all the time is hard know what I mean? It's exhausting. It's's our f***ing race, our hobbies, the way we interact with Miz, our mannerisms, our f***ing everything. It's so exhausting."

Maya followed her statement with a video of QTCinderella talking about the episode. She stated how "Emiru isn't Maya 2.0. She just happens to be cute and lives in her room and likes pets", which made Maya chuckle.

Maya went on to say it would've been fine if there was more time. She and Mizkif went through a devastating breakup a couple of months back. Both took some time off to focus on themselves and also because Maya needed time to move out of his house.


QTCinderella spoke about the issue, and stated how Emiru moving into Mizkif's house is a "f***ed up thing". However, Mizkif slammed her comments, which caused his honest patrons to raid her stream. This ultimately led to the stream being taken down.

However, Ludwig Ahgren slammed Mizkif's fans for hypocrisy, implying how they defended him when Mizkif "farms" drama, but raided QTCinderella's stream because she didn't approve of his move.

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