Mizkif slams QTCindrella's take on Emiru moving into the OTK content house following the former's breakup with Maya Higa

Mizkif responds to QTCindrella's take (Image via Mizkif Twitch)
Mizkif responds to QTCindrella's take (Image via Mizkif Twitch)

In one of his most recent streams, founder of One True King (OTK) Gaming, Mizkif responded to QTCindrella's take on Emiru moving into his streamer house in Austin.

Emiru is a popular Twitch streamer and cosplayer who has become a regular guest in Mizkif's streams. Furthermore, she collaborated with OTK on several projects before announcing that she was moving in.

Sadly, the move attracted ire from scores of streamers, including Mizkif's long-time girlfriend Maya Higa and, most recently, QTCindrella.

QTCindrella states how Emiru moving into Mizkif's streaming house is a "f***ed up thing"

QTCindrella shared her take on the situation and appeared utterly unimpressed by Mizkif's decision to let Emiru into his streaming house. Post her stream, the Twitch sensation shared his two cents on her take and revealed "it's cringe" that she's even talking about it.

QTCindrella started off by stating how she didn't care but delved into the subject to reveal how she didn't approve of what had transpired in the last few weeks. Here's what she said:

"Its just a f***ed up thing. Imagine dating someone for two years, and then you know being really f***ing sad and then all of a someone moves into your room so quickly into a content house like that. The entire situation is just sad."

Mizkif seemed rather displeased with her statement. QTCindrella has been pretty vocal about the entire incident. Maya Higa has stated on numerous occasions that she's spoken to her about feeling "replaced" in a matter of a couple of months.


Mizkif, however, believes there's a flip side to the story and Emiru moving into his content house doesn't mean anything. Here's how he responded:

"What? Oh my god like dude like what is wrong with you like I don't get it. You're banned now shut the f*** up. It's so cringe that you're talking about it."

QtCindrella's comment caused Mizkif to end his stream stating he wasn't feeling well. Interestingly, Mizkif's honest patrons hopped over to QTCindrella's channel to post hate comments because of which her reaction was taken off Twitch.

Responding to this entire episode, another popular Twitch streamer, Ludwig Ahgren, slammed Mizkif's patrons for hypocrisy.

He stated how they defended Mizkif when he "farms" drama repeatedly. And yet they raided QTCindrella's stream with hate comments because she didn't approve of Emiru moving into Mizkif's house, a little less than two months after the latter's devastating breakup with Maya Higa.

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