Bennett's birthday in Genshin Impact: Mail, gifts and all you need to know

Bennett's birthday art (Image via Genshin Impact)
Bennett's birthday art (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact's character birthdays are a fan favorite event that occurs in-game whenever a character grows a year older. Each character in the game has a unique birth date and provides the player with a memento and a personalized note.

Many players look forward to these events as they provide a look into the minds of the character and a sweet message for fans to save.

Bennett's birthday is on a special day that only comes around every four years, but gamers will still receive his letter the day before. Here's what they can expect.

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Genshin Impact: Bennett's birthday note and more

happy birthday bennett :p

Genshin Impact only has one character whose birthday falls on a leap year, with that character being Mondstadt's unluckiest adventurer Bennett. His birthday actually takes place on the February 29, which is a date that only comes around every four years.

Luckily, players will still receive his birthday letters on the February 28, as it seems that his family still celebrates his birthday regardless. This new note comes with some unique items and a special note from Bennett.

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genshin i’m begging you pls it’s friday already technically pls make the boreal wolf’s milk tooth a domain drop pls

Bennett's first gift is a Boreal Wolf's Milk Tooth, an item that fans can acquire from the Cecilia Garden domain. While Bennett only provides a single tooth, it can still be useful for some players, especially those who are ascending weapons from Mondstadt. This item will usually take at least a small amount of Resin to acquire, so getting one for free is helpful.

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🏆🍴 BEST GENSHIN CHARACTER SPECIALTY FOOD 🍴🏆🥇 1ST PLACE 🥇Bennett - Teyvat Charred Egg243,555 votes

Bennett's other gift is his unique specialty food, the Teyvat Charred Egg. This special egg can only be acquired by cooking eggs with Bennett, so fans that don't have him will be able to get their first Teyvat Charred Egg from this present.

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This egg revives a character, and restores 10% of their Max HP, before restoring an additional 150 HP. This can be a great and easy to make revival food, as it only costs a single egg to make.

Bennett's birthday gifts may not be as useful as last year, but fans will still definitely appreciate the heartfelt note he included in this Genshin Impact birthday surprise.

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