Best Angelo build in Brawl Stars (2024)

Composition of the most optimal Angelo build in Brawl Stars (Image via Supercell)

The best Angelo build in Brawl Stars helps to maximize the potential of the latest brawler, introduced in the latest Brawl Stars Brawl Talk episode. It involves selecting the right combination of Gadget, Star Power, and the two Gears. Angelo, the Epic brawler, is known for his long-range attacks, lightning-fast speed, and unique toxic Super ability.

Angelo possesses an exceptional long-range attack, which involves firing a charged arrow that increases in damage the longer it's held. His Super creates a toxic area on the ground, damaging enemies who come into contact with it. Furthermore, standing in this area empowers his attacks with additional poison damage over time.

However, his low health pool means he must rely on strategic positioning, the right equipment, and his ability to traverse water.

Keeping that in mind, this article illustrates the most optimal Angelo build in Brawl Stars in 2024.

Components of the best Angelo build in Brawl Stars in 2024

Gadget: Stinging Flight

Stinging Flight Gadget (Image via Supercell)
Stinging Flight Gadget (Image via Supercell)

For Angelo's Gadget slot, Stinging Flight is the optimal choice in Brawl Stars. This Gadget allows Angelo to leap forward for a second in the direction he's facing, making it a versatile tool for offense and defense. Whether jumping over walls to surprise enemies or using it as a tactical retreat, Stinging Flight offers flexibility in the gameplay.

Moreover, activating Stinging Flight near an enemy deals a significant 660 damage, adding an extra punch to Angelo's arsenal. This Gadget's ability to cover larger distances when needed ensures Angelo can swiftly navigate obstacles and engage or disengage as the situation demands.

Star Power: Empower

Empower Star Power (Image via Supercell)
Empower Star Power (Image via Supercell)

Empower is the superior choice for the best Angelo build in Brawl Stars, maximizing his survivability on the battlefield. Empower allows Angelo to heal 600 health per second while standing in his Super's toxic area, providing a substantial health regeneration advantage during battles.

Over time, this healing effect can amount to 4800 health, significantly extending Angelo's staying power on the battlefield. By strategically positioning himself within the Super's area of effect, Angelo gains a crucial edge in prolonged engagements and team fights.

Gears: Damage Gear and Shield Gear

Damage Gear (Image via Supercell)
Damage Gear (Image via Supercell)

To complement his abilities and enhance his combat effectiveness, the ideal gear combination of Gears for the best Angelo build in Brawl Stars comprises the Damage and Shield Gears.

The Damage Gear grants Angelo a 15% damage boost when his health drops below 50%, ensuring he remains a threat even under pressure.

On the defensive side, the Shield Gear provides Angelo with an extra 900 health shield, which regenerates every 10 seconds when he reaches full health. This additional shield capacity adds an extra layer of survivability, allowing Angelo to withstand incoming damage and stay in the fight longer.

In conclusion, mastering the best Angelo build in Brawl Stars 2024 involves a selection of Stinging Flight as Gadget, Empower as Star Power, and Damage and Shield Gears as the required arsenal.

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