Best Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom (March 2023)

Stardust Cookie first appeared as an antagonist in Episode 16 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Stardust Cookie first appeared as an antagonist in Episode 16 (Image via Sportskeeda)

The ever-growing Cookie Run: Kingdom library makes the meta very volatile, with hardly any characters getting the space to shine individually. The rare few that manage to make a place for themselves do so by exceptionally outmatching others in their category or having an extremely unique skill.

Cookie Run: Kingdom's many game modes, each with specific requirements, are also why very few characters can be recommended as solid all-around investments that will work in every situation.

Read on to find out the most sought-after characters in Cookie Run: Kingdom and why they are the best investments as of March 2023.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer. The three DPSs on this list are excellent investments and provide considerable value across Cookie Run: Kingdom. Individual playstyles and rosters are factors that will determine how much value players will be able to derive from them and must be taken into account when at the Gacha.

Hollyberry and 4 other amazing Cookie Run: Kingdom characters to invest in (March 2023)

1) Black Pearl Cookie


Black Pearl is widely considered the most dependable DPS in the game. Her diverse skill can deal devastating blows to any enemy, whether it is the toughest PvE level or a closely matched PvP opponent.

The "Terror of the Abyss" debuff on its own is an insane value add to aggressive teams, which, when paired with her insane DMG rating, makes her a must-have. This is especially true for cash-strapped players who want a DPS that can handle everything.

2) Pure Vanilla Cookie


Pure Vanilla is the oldest Cookie on this list. After a short period of relative disuse and being replaced by newer Cookies like BTS and Cream Unicorn, he is back to being the best healer in Cookie Run: Kingdom. This is all thanks to the significant buff he received in January.

The key reason behind Pure Vanilla's fall into disuse was the lack of versatility in his skill, a concern that was thoroughly addressed with the newly buffed "Love & Peace." The Amplify Buff%, HP Shields, Debuff Resist, and Injury Alleviation are important additions that round out the Cookie's already stellar healing numbers.

3) Hollyberry Cookie


Hollyberry Cookie's arc in the Cookie Run: Kingdom meta is largely identical to Pure Vanilla's. Both Ancient Cookies were once the best in their respective categories but fell into neglect and were finally revived in the CRK 2nd Anniversary update.

Hollyberry does face stiff competition from characters like Financier and Wildberry for the title of Best Defense Cookie. However, she comes out on top in terms of overall value and the maximum number of use cases.

4) Sherbet Cookie


Sherbet Cookie has seen a meteoric rise in the Cookie Run: Kingdom meta, similar to the boom that Frost Queen saw after her release.

High in firepower and high on survivability, Sherbet is one of the few Cookies in the game who can hyper carry entire teams. Such teams have been shown to work in a majority of in-game situations.

Sherbet's combo with Frost Queen was a big factor in popularizing the new entrant. If players have Queen on hand, they should look towards building a team around the double DPS structure. However, even without her, Sherbet is an important investment for Cookie Run: Kingdom players who want to make it to Masters rank or higher.

5) Stardust Cookie


Fans have been demanding Stardust Cookie's release ever since they saw him in the Episode 16 finale as the central antagonist. The hype around the character is more than worth it as he has quickly emerged as one of the strongest Cookies in the very competitive Ambush category, populated by the likes of Sorbet and Black Pearl.

Stardust shines in just about every aspect of Cookie Run: Kingdom gameplay. His vast collection of debuffs and DMG Resist buffs makes him a solid all-around investment for those who have difficulty pulling rarer cookies like Black Pearl and Sherbet.

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