Best Landmark in Cookie Run: Kingdom (December 2022)

Moon Rabbit Cookie is a Epic Defense Cookie (Image via Sportskeeda)
Moon Rabbit Cookie is a Epic Defense Cookie (Image via Sportskeeda)

While Cookie Run: Kingdom is a kingdom builder RPG, the kingdom-building aspect often gets overlooked, both by players and media outlets.

The main reason for this is that, after a certain point, the kingdom-building aspect doesn't really have a bearing on the progress that players will make in the various Cookie Run: Kingdom game modes.

In the last game pass, a new Landmark has been added to the game namely the "Master Black Rabbit's Fortune-telling Parlor". Read on to find out why players should rush to install this landmark in their kingdom as quickly as possible.

Best Landmark that Cookie Run: Kingdom players should build in 2023

Part of the "Precious Feeling Season 2" game pass, the "Master Black Rabbit's Fortune-telling Parlor" is the first Game Pass or Kingdom Pass landmark that offers players resources other than Time Jumpers or EXP Star Jellies.

Once the landmark is instituted, it will offer players one Epic Soulstone (or Soul Core if the player already has the stone that the landmark offers) every day, at the base level.

At a maxed-out Lv. 10, the Fortune Telling Parlor will provide players with a Epic Soultone/Core every 15 hours instead of every 24.

The chances of different Soulstones being provided by the landmark are decided by the Gacha probabilities and the soulstones already in the player's possession.

While several landmarks exist in Cookie Run: Kingdom offering a variety of rewards, two things work in the Black Rabbit landmark's favor to make it the absolute best, must-have landmark in the game.

Firstly, the high setup and upgrade costs associated with other landmarks far outweigh the $5 players will have to spend to buy the Kingdom Pass.

Secondly, the Kingdom Pass includes a host of other rewards at every tier in addition to the landmark, most notably a 10-minute refresh on the Kingdom Arena and the Super B.A.D landmark.

This means that players will be getting several additional rewards over the next month, in addition to the landmark providing a lifetime supply of Epic Soulstones.

A close second on the top landmark list will have to be the Dreaming Jelly Lion Statue. This is not a Kingdom Pass landmark and will cost players 2400 Gems to build.

This landmark does not appear to offer a stellar payoff for that hefty price tag, as the listed benefit of the Jelly Lion Statue is a 5% ATK Boost.

To understand why a maxed-out Jelly Lion can take your Cookie Run: Kingdom team to a whole new level, players have to understand the importance of the ATK substat.

This stat is the biggest factor in deciding a Cookie's overall power, and for non-DPS Cookies like Support and Healers, a boost in ATK rating will manifest in the form of more healing and buffs.

A maxed-out Lv.10 statue will give Cookie Run: Kingdom players a 10% ATK buff, which will in a single file boost the overall Power and DMG rating or Healing capabilities as applicable for different Cookies.

Fans can track this space to see all the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom releases as they come out.

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