Best Burst Team in Cookie Run: Kingdom (December 2022)

Financier is an ideal choice for all burst team compositions (Image via Sportskeeda)
Financier is an ideal choice for all burst team compositions (Image via Sportskeeda)

Burst teams have been a staple for attacking outfits in Cookie Run: Kingdom's PvP Arena. That said, such teams lack survivability but make up for it by inflicting immense damage.

The general principle here is to constantly deal heavy damage and deny the enemy a healing window between attacks.

Read on to find out which Cookies you should invest in for this kind of team if the above description seems in line with your individual playstyle.

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Best Aggressive Team in Cookie Run: Kingdom (December 2022)

This team has been created and tested in the Kingdom Arena and is more inclined toward the reader's PvP needs. Players can refer to guides for different PvE modes for World Exploration and Guild Battle.

1) Financier Cookie

The sole member at the Front line, Financier is the best pick for a Burst team because he can hold down the Front alone, giving your team an extra spot that can be alloted to a DPS. It also provides healing directly to the Cookie with the highest ATK on your Cookie Run: Kingdom team.

His Paladin Protection ability's diverse kit makes him a tank, secondary DMG dealer, and secondary healer, all in one.

Topping: Swift Chocolate

2) Captain Caviar

A top-tier DMG dealer in Cookie Run: Kingdom, the Captain brings a defense reduction debuff that is a key part of allowing their teams to face higher opposition in the Kingdom Arena.

A 40% DEF reduction directly boosts the odds of this team's success, given the idea is to deal maximum damage in the smallest amount of time. This, coupled with his Torpedos' formidable DMG rating, makes Captain Caviar an irreplaceable part of the team.

Topping: Searing Raspberry

3) Eclair Cookie

Eclair Cookie simultaneously adds to the team's strength and works on its weakness with his aptly named Weakness debuff. Three enemies with the highest ATK substat receive additional DMG with every volley, and if they fall while under the debuff, all of Eclair's allies get an HP shield.

This is how Eclair, a popular DPS in Cookie Run: Kingdom, makes the team more aggressive and enhances overall survivability.

Toppings: Solid Almonds

4) Black Pearl Cookie

While the other two DPS' main value comes from the debuff kit, Black Pearl does most of the heavy lifting in the DMG dealing department and weakens the enemy with debuffs.

Along with the most lethal attack in Cookie Run: Kingdom, the Legendary Ambush Cookie brings the Terror of the Abyss (ATK SPD, MOV, and ATK debuff combo).

5) Cream Unicorn Cookie

Cream Unicorn also adds to the buff/debuff collection, making this Cookie Run: Kingdom team functional. Her CRIT and DMG Resist buffs and her Silence debuff (halts enemy skill cooldowns) are almost as important in maximizing this team's survivability as her best-in-class healing.

Using Sugar Swan's Feather, Squishy Jelly Watch, and the Old Pilgrim's Scroll is advised for best results with the above team.

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