5 most powerful cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom (September 2022)

There are rumors that more PvP elements will be added to CRK soon (Image via Sportskeeda)
There are rumors that more PvP elements will be added to CRK soon (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Kingdom Arena is one of the most popular aspects of Cookie Run: Kingdom, as it provides users with fast-paced combat gameplay and a chance to test out their team's mettle against fellow players.

The meta in the main PvP aspect of CRK is constantly changing, especially due to the consistent release of new cookies, buffs, and nerfs to the game's vast character library.

Note: This article largely focuses on cookies in the PvP meta as the range of levels in Cookie Run: Kingdom's PvE side makes it difficult to recommend any cookies unilaterally.

Top cookie picks in Cookie Run: Kingdom (September 2022)

1) Financier Cookie


While Financier Cookie's storyline shows him as Clotted Cream's subordinate, the former has dramatically impacted Cookie Run: Kingdom gamers since his release. Belonging to the Defense Class, his unique "Light Shield" is a major factor behind the breakthrough popularity that the character enjoys.

This Light Shield makes Financier the first Defense cookie to offer healing, ATK, and knockback alongside strong survivability, all in the same character. All things considered, Financier is one of the best investments any reader can make today.

2) Cream Unicorn Cookie


The newest cookie in the game, Cream Unicorn, has quickly claimed the title of the best healer in Cookie Run: Kingdom, a position held by Pure Vanilla Cookie for more than a year.

A lower cooldown and more battle-friendly healing capabilities have led to Pure Vanilla being dethroned by Cream Unicorn, not to mention the new Silence debuff and various buffs that the latter brings to the table.

Cream Unicorn Cookie first heals back a considerable percentage of the DMG taken over every cycle. It then provides another round of healing as a percentage of every ally's ATK power. This healing pattern ensures higher survivability, especially in PvP.

3) Sorbet Shark Cookie


Sorbet Shark has maintained his position in the meta as a top DPS character for longer than almost any other cookie, despite various nerfs from his original release numbers.

Even after buffs for Vampire Cookie and Sea Fairy were released, two other exceptional damage dealers, Sorbet Shark remains the most popular choice in Cookie Run: Kingdom. This is because of the sheer amount of damage he can deal in a much smaller time frame than other DPSs.

As the cookie was released on August 3, 2021, the developers have amped up his pull rate from the gacha last month. This increased chance of getting Sorbet Shark will continue till mid-September, so users who managed to or get their hands on him now should invest freely for the above reasons.

4) Wildberry Cookie


One of the more recent additions to Cookie Run: Kingdom, Wildberry joined the game with Clotted Cream in May. The former quickly stole the spotlight from the very hyped Super Epic latter to become one of the most picked Defense cookies in the Arena.

The massive range of powerups (including the new "Battle Rage") and DMG deal capabilities that Wildberry brings to the table with an insane 10-second base cooldown are the irresistible factors that have jumpstarted the character's rise to the top.

Wildberry and Financier are the top picks from the Defense class, differentiated by the reader's needs. Users wanting to boost healing numbers should go with Financier, while those who want their tank to act like a DPS should bring Wildberry into the mix.

5) Vampire Cookie


After the recent Magic Candies update, Vampire Cookie has made a thumping return to the Cookie Run: Kingdom meta. He is the first character in the game with a DMG rating upwards of 1000%, after maxing out his Vampirism ability and applying his Magic Candy.

What sets him apart from top-tier DMG dealers like Sorbet and Sea Fairy is his immense survivability, given he heals back a lot of the damage he takes with every skill cast.

While Vampire Cookie is more suited to the PvE aspect of Cookie Run: Kingdom, users looking for someone who can deal more consistent DMG throughout the battle in PvP can invest in him.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinion.

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