What is known about Cream Unicorn Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Pure Vanilla has held the title of the best healer in CRK since release (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pure Vanilla has held the title of the best healer in CRK since release (Image via Sportskeeda)

With expectations already sky-high for the next Cookie Run: Kingdom update featuring a collaboration between CRK and Disney, a new healing Cookie will also be joining the game's character library.

Cream Unicorn, a popular character in CRK's parent game OvenBreak, has sparked excitement amongst fans who are definitely hyped to see what the developers do with the upcoming Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Read on to find out all there is to know about the Cookie who could potentially replace Cotton or Pure Vanilla from the meta.

Cream Unicorn Cookie confirmed for next Cookie Run: Kingdom update


Given that Cream Unicorn is quite a popular character in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, there has always been a long-standing demand for them to be brought to Cookie Run: Kingdom, but this demand really picked up pace in the month of May.

Fans began demanding for Cream Unicorn's release when their skill was leaked in May. Although the developers have not confirmed the leaked skill description, they have since confirmed that the Cookie will be added to Cookie Run: Kingdom via their official Twitter handle.

“Memories light the way ahead..just like the stars…”#CreamUnicornCookie 🦄 is dreaming of creating sweet memories in Cookie Run: Kingdom! 🏰💕#CookieRun #CookieRunKingdom

Ever since that announcement, players have been discussing how the upcoming Cookie could be the next Cotton Cookie, given the similarity in their skills.

Cotton Cookie's excellent healing capabilities along with her ability to deal good DMG is what earned her a place in nearly every Summoner comp within the game, and Cream Unicorn may just have what it takes to steal that spot.


As per their leaked skill description, Cream Unicorn will first summon several Sugar Butterflies that will explode upon contacting an enemy. Once all Sugar Butterflies are exhausted, Cream Unicorn will rush at the enemy themselves in a different form and deal decent DMG.

After transforming back to their Cookie form, Cream Unicorn will summon another round of Sugar Butterflies that will deal even more DMG. At the end of their skill cast, all debuffs on allies will be removed and the team will receive healing as well.


It is not known what the DMG rating of their various attacks will be or the scale of their healing capabilities. Cotton's massive popularity is due to her having excellent healing capabilities along with her DMG rating.

Players have favored Cotton over newer Support Cookies like Eclair, although Eclair's DMG rating is even better than some fully fledged DPS characters, because most players already have DPS Cookies they have invested in heavily and Eclair does not introduce any real healing capability.

In such a scenario, unlocking and investing in Eclair is not a cost-effective decision, whereas Cotton can perform the roles of both healer and secondary DPS.


Interestingly, Cream Unicorn, unlike Cotton and Eclair, is a part of the Healer class and not the Support class. The Cookie Run: Kingdom community is speculating about whether this is an indication of the fact that, despite their rumored skill being focused on DMG, their healing capabilities are also substantial.

Players will have to wait for the next Cookie Run: Kingdom update to find out whether they will be swapping out Cotton for Cream Unicorn Cookie.

Fans can track this space to check out all the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom releases and updates.

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