Best Max build in Brawl Stars (2024)

All details regarding the best Max build in Brawl Stars (Image via Supercell)

The best Max build in Brawl Stars incorporates the right combination of Gadget, Star Power, and two Gears to increase the brawler's effectiveness on the battlefield. As a Mythic brawler, Max is renowned for her lightning-fast speed and relentless assault. She boasts moderate health and a respectable damage output among all the existing brawlers.

Max's primary attack, the Faster Blaster, unleashes 4 staggered projectiles with impressive range at quick succession. At the highest level of upgrade, each projectile shot from her blaster deals 640 damage upon impact.

Additionally, her Super, Let's Go, provides a significant boost to the movement speed of herself and nearby teammates by 300 points for 4 seconds. This Super is particularly helpful for the allies as they can retain their speed even when they move out of the range of the Super for the allotted time.

Considering all these abilities, this article highlights the best Max build in Brawl Stars in 2024.

What is the best Max build in Brawl Stars?

Gadget: Phase Shifter

Phase Shifter Gadget (Image via Supercell)
Phase Shifter Gadget (Image via Supercell)

The Phase Shifter Gadget is the better choice for assembling the best Max build in Brawl Stars, offering great mobility to traverse the battlefield. With a quick dash of 3.33 tiles, accompanied by a temporary immunity shield, Max can swiftly maneuver around obstacles or escape dangerous situations.

Whether closing the gap on an enemy or evading incoming fire, Phase Shifter provides the flexibility and survivability that every Max player needs.

Star Power: Run n' Gun

Run n' Gun Star Power (Image via Supercell)
Run n' Gun Star Power (Image via Supercell)

For the optimal Max build in Brawl Stars, Run n' Gun reigns supreme as the best Star Power among the available options. This powerful ability allows Max to reload faster while on the move, synergizing perfectly with her hit-and-run playstyle.

With a 15.56% increase in reload speed while moving at normal speed, Max becomes a relentless force on the battlefield, consistently unleashing barrages of projectiles while effortlessly evading enemy attacks.

Gears: Damage and Gadget Charge

Damage Gear (Image via Supercell)
Damage Gear (Image via Supercell)

To further complement the best Max build in Brawl Stars, it's essential to choose Damage and Gadget Charge as the two Gear options.

The Damage Gear enhances Max's offensive capabilities, providing a 15% increase in damage output when her health falls below 50%. This additional firepower can turn the tide of battle in Max's favor when her health reaches an alarming point.

Meanwhile, the Gadget Charge Gear grants Max an additional usage of her Phase Shifter Gadget during a match, increasing her total allowed uses from 3 to 4. In prolonged engagements where strategic mobility is paramount, this extra charge can be the difference between victory and defeat in Brawl Stars matches.

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