Best Milano 821 loadout in COD:  Black Ops Cold War

(Image Credit: Sportskeeda)
(Image Credit: Sportskeeda)
Brandon Moore

COD: Black Ops Cold War has seen quite a meta shift from the Alpha weekend to the current Beta period. At first, players were dominating with the weapons like the AK-74u and the XM4. As the Beta has moved along, other weapons are starting to stand out.

One of those weapons is the Milano 821. The Milano is the COD: Black Ops Cold War version of the Uzi. It can be argued that the Milano 821 may be the newest COD SMG that rises above the others. COD submachine guns are typically good for one thing — getting close and mowing down.

Best COD: Black Ops Cold War Milano 821 loadout

(Image Credit: Activision)
(Image Credit: Activision)


Barrel: 8.8” Extended

The 8.8” Extended barrel attachment in COD: Black Ops Cold War has one purpose. It is used to give a solid boost to the Milano’s muzzle velocity. This attachment raises muzzle velocity by 40%.

Body: Steady Aim Laser

The Steady Aim Laser, while visible to opponents, is a wonderful attachment. The laser itself gives a 20% increase to the Milano 821’s hipfire accuracy. This makes it easier to finish those close engagements where aiming down the sight might be a hinderance.

Underbarrel: Foregrip

The basic Foregrip attachment in COD: Black Ops Cold War helps out with weapon handling. The Milano gets a 15% boost to its vertical recoil control.

Handle: Impact Handle

The Impact Handle attachment offers players a 90% increase to aim flinch stability. This means that when a player shot while aiming down the sight of the Milano, their shots will continue to hit where they intend instead of causing them to flinch normally.

Stock: Tactical Stock

The Tactical Stock is the basic stock in COD: Black Ops Cold War, unlocked for the Milano at level 10. It raises the aiming move speed of the weapon by a slight 10%.

This loadout for the COD: Black Ops Cold War Milano 821 makes it a close-quarters monster. It’s purpose as an SMG will be fulfilled, with running, gunning, and dominating the competition.

Disclaimer: This article is the opinion of the writer and does not reflect the opinion of others regarding the best loadout for the Milano 821 in COD: Black Ops Cold War.

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