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Best XM4 loadout in COD: Black Ops Cold War 

(Image Credit: Sportskeeda)
(Image Credit: Sportskeeda)
Brandon Moore
Modified 10 Oct 2020, 22:25 IST

The COD: Black Ops Cold War beta is going strong. The maps are being memorized. The mechanics are being fine tuned. The weapons are being tested out to figure out which ones are the best to dominate with. When it comes down to it, that's what the beta is for.

Despite not being the most popular weapon in COD: Black Ops Cold War, the XM4 is an assault rifle that can pack a mean punch with the right loadout. One perk in the game is called Gunfighter. This perk allows primary weapons to support up to eight attachments. Using this perk with the XM4 will make this COD weapon nearly unstoppable.

Best COD: Black Ops Cold War loadout for the XM4

(Image Credit: Activision)
(Image Credit: Activision)


Optic: Millstop Reflex

The Millstop Reflex is a great, clean optic in COD: Black Ops Cold War. It gives a better view than the iron sights, without being large and clunky. It doesn't take up a ton of the screen and allows solid shot placement as well.

Muzzle: Agency Suppressor

The Agency Suppressor in COD: Black Ops Cold War keeps the XM4 quiet. The weapon is silenced, removing it from the radar entirely when firing. It also gives a slight boost to the vertical recoil control. The negatives however, are the reduced effective damage range and muzzle velocity.


Barrel: 13.7” Extended

In COD: Black Ops Cold War, the 13.7” Extended barrel increases the muzzle velocity. It does enough to completely remove the negatives from the Agency Suppressor, and then some.

Underbarrel: Foregrip

The underbarrel attachment - Foregrip, is pretty straightforward. It gives the XM4 a boost to horizontal recoil control. This, added to the vertical recoil control from the suppressor, makes it controllable, no matter which angle it juts towards when firing.

Body: Steady Aim Laser

COD is gradually becoming known for its laser attachments, and this new version is no different. The Steady Aim Laser is visible on the XM4, but increases hipfire accuracy. This makes it easier to take on those close range engagements, where aiming down the sights wouldn't help the player's cause.

Stock: Tactical Stock

The Tactical Stock is a COD attachment that boosts mobility. It gives a 20% increase to aiming move speed. This means players can duck in and out of cover while aiming down the sights quicker and more efficiently.

Magazine: 40 RD Speed Mag

The 40 RD Speed Mag is a necessity on the XM4. The magazine size increases, reload speed goes up, and starting ammo and ammo capacity all get a boost. However, aiming speed takes a slight hit with this attachment.

Handle: Quickdraw Handle

Forget about the aiming speed being lowered by the magazine with this attachment. It boosts the aiming speed of the XM4 in COD: Black Ops Cold War enough to negate the previous effect.

Published 10 Oct 2020, 22:25 IST
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