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Best move set for Excadrill in Pokemon GO

Image Via Pokemon Wiki
Image Via Pokemon Wiki
Modified 12 Jan 2021, 04:20 IST

Excadrill in Pokemon GO is always a strong pick considering it's a dual Ground and Steel type. With the right move set, Excadrill is a great candidate for both PvP and PvE battles in Pokemon GO.

There are three types that Excadrill can technically utilize within the move set. Those types include Rock, Steel, and Ground. It's the Ground and Steel though, that truly define Excadrill in Pokemon GO, and they should be used to an advantage.

Steel is a strong type in a general sense within Pokemon GO, but that's going to take a back burner for Excadrill's move set. Rather, Ground type moves will take priority. For the the fast attack, Mud-Slap should be used. As for the charged attack, Earthquake is the best option.

The given move set is the highest damage output on Excadrill that players can reach. Even better is the fact that the Ground based move set is the best combo for any activity or goal in the game. It works for PvE and PvP, as well as covering the best combo for both offense and defense. Excadrill becomes incredibly annoying in Pokemon GO with the Ground combo used.

Excadrill matchups and stats within Pokemon GO

Players looking to battle with Excadrill need to know what strengths and weaknesses the Pokemon has. It's a Steel and Ground type, so there are a lot of great resistances to look at, but there are still a few major vulnerabilities to watch out for.

Fire, Ground, Water, and Fighting are the four types that an Excadrill user needs to pay attention to, and potentially switch against. All of those types whether as a fast attack or a charged attack, are going to inflict 160% more damage which is a massive hit to take.


The good news is that Excadrill's types make it a fairly tanky Pokemon with a lot of great resistances in Pokemon GO. Those types include Dragon, Psychic, Normal, Steel, Bug, Flying, Fairy, Electric, Rock, and Poison. The list of Excadrill's resistances is really long and are certainly a hefty advantage.

When using the best Ground based move set on Excadrill, players can expect to inflict some serious damage on a few types as well. Those include Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire, and Electric. Excadrill has plenty of strengths in type match ups, especially when compared to the few weaknesses it has in Pokemon GO. However, there are a fair amount of Fire Pokemon that can be a scary match up.

Published 12 Jan 2021, 04:20 IST
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