Best Treasures in Cookie Run: Kingdom (September 2022)

Treasures were added for the first time in CRK, and then later added to parent game OvenBreak (Image via WallpaperAbyss)
Treasures were added for the first time in CRK, and then later added to parent game OvenBreak (Image via WallpaperAbyss)

The competition in Cookie Run: Kingdom's PvP side becomes more and more intense as players progress up the ranks, as every team is packed full of the best Cookies from the game's character library. This is where players get the chance to stand out via small but significant additions to their teams, like toppings and treasures.

While toppings are a rare resource, players can get their hands on Treasures quite easily via the Gacha. This article includes a list of the best Treasures that Cookie Run: Kingdom players can make use of to boost the different substats of their team.

Cookie Run: Kingdom: Which Treasures to invest in (September 2022)


This article is largely focused on using treasures to boost PvP performance as the range of levels in Cookie Run: Kingdom's PvE side makes it difficult to recommend any treasures unilaterally.

The agenda in a Kingdom Arena match is obviously to deal as much damage as possible in the shortest time frame, so the two treasures that will be great additions to almost every PvP team are the Old Pilgrim's Scroll and the Squishy Jelly Watch.

The Old Pilgrim's Scroll is a treasure focused on boosting the team's overall ATK percentage. At Lv.1, adding a scroll to your Cookie Run: Kingdom team will grant an extra 30% ATK to all Cookies. After a full upgrade, at Lv.12, an Old Pilgrim Scroll can grant an extra 59.7% ATK to all Cookies on the team.


The Squishy Jelly Watch shaves off valuable time from the cooldown period of all Cookies on the team on which it is being used. At Lv.1, a 10% reduction in cooldown can be acquired, while a fully upgraded SJW can reduce the team's cooldown time by a full quarter (25%).

Additionally, survivability is just as important in the Kingdom Arena as it is in the rest of Cookie Run: Kingdom, making Sugar Swan's Shining Feather an excellent treasure to have in your team. As the name suggests, this treasure revives the first Cookie to fall and resets their skill cooldown as well.

This treasure is particularly useful for Cookie Run: Kingdom players who use Charge Cookies on the front as they can bring back a top DMG dealer in the middle of a battle with full health and ready-to-use skills.


For players who feel that they want a boost in survivability but the Shining Feather is not the right fit for them, they can try using a Gatekeeper Ghost's Horn. This treasure is like the Pilgrim's Scroll but for DEF instead of ATK. At Lv.1, this item will provide a 30% extra DEF rating to all team members, while a fully upgraded Ghost's Horn can provide an extra 45.4%.

The Seamstress Pin Cushion and the Bookseller's Monocle are also valuable treasures, but only for players who run Summoner or Double Tank teams respectively.

Players should make their choices as per their needs. One can invest more in a section where their team needs a buff while investing in various treasures in the game.

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