Best Venti build in Genshin Impact for April 2021

Venti is a crowd control master and perhaps the best support character in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact, YouTube)
Venti is a crowd control master and perhaps the best support character in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact, YouTube)
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Venti is the wine-guzzling, tone-deaf bard who Genshin Impact players have come to love. More notably, he is Barbatos, the Archon of Mondstadt.

To this day, Venti has been one of the best support characters in the game. He is a five-star Anemo character who wields a bow, and his elemental skill makes him a great explorer.

Venti is also an expert in crowd control. By incorporating his elemental skill and elemental burst abilities, a horde of enemies may very well go down easier than expected.

The best Venti build in Genshin Impact

Some players have turned the character into a sub-DPS one, and he certainly can be helpful. However, Venti’s greatest strength is not the damage he can deal. Instead, it is his ability to mitigate enemy crowds.

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Venti’s elemental burst creates a stormeye that sucks in enemies, levitates them, and deals constant damage. In the Spiral Abyss, Venti’s elemental burst works miracles.

The primary strategy when using Venti, either in the abyss or any surrounding horde, is to infuse enemies with an element beforehand, then switch to Venti and use his burst. This creates a swirl effect, dealing extra damage while enemies are immobilized.

So, what does this all mean for making a Venti build? Well, the main strength when it comes to managing enemies is his elemental burst. Especially for players working on the Spiral Abyss, boosting Venti’s ATK and energy recharge has proven very useful.

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F2P build

For F2P players, Venti is actually much easier to build than other five-star characters. That is to say: he can fulfill his support role very well without much gear invested into him.

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Players generally regard the Favonius Warbow as the go-to for Venti, namely because it boosts the character’s energy recharge.

As mentioned, ATK and energy recharge are the most essential main stats for Venti. However, for F2P players in the early game, the Instructor Artifact Set is the best accessible option.

The Instructor's Set (Image via Game8)
The Instructor's Set (Image via Game8)

The added Elemental Mastery improves the Swirl Damage Venti deals with his elemental skill and burst, which can be an excellent catalyst in early game combat.

Venti players should look to move on from the Instructor Artifacts as they progress. Wanderer's Troupe is a great F2P set for Venti that can easily replace the Instructor set.

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Wanderer's Troupe Set (Image via Game8)
Wanderer's Troupe Set (Image via Game8)

P2W build

P2W Venti players are indeed happy about one recent addition to Genshin Impact — that of a five-star bow that boosts ER. Of course, that is the Elegy for the End.

Unfortunately, the Elegy for the End does not boost energy recharge quite as much as the Favonius Warbow. Some players may still prefer the Warbow in Venti's hands, but with the increased ATK power of the Elegy, it is definitely the best five-star weapon to entrust with the bard.

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The best artifacts for Venti are the Viridescent Venerer and Noblesse Oblige.

The Viridescent Venerer Set (Image via Game)
The Viridescent Venerer Set (Image via Game)

The Viridescent Venerer set is a staple for pretty much all Anemo characters in Genshin Impact, and Venti is undoubtedly no exception. He's in no way a soft hitter, and this set helps complete Venti.

The Noblesse Oblige Set (Image via Game8)
The Noblesse Oblige Set (Image via Game8)

Again, the elemental burst is key to Venti. As such, Noblesse Oblige is a big help, even boosting the other party members' ATK after using the burst and switching characters.

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Venti can help teams dominate the ever-common crowds of enemies that Genshin Impact players face. With the above Venti builds, he will genuinely be the best support character in-game.

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