5 best weapons to use in Mighty Doom (2023)

5 best weapons to use in Mighty DOOM (Image via Bethesda)
5 best weapons to use in Mighty Doom (Image via Bethesda)

Mighty Doom is Bethesda Softworks' latest run-and-gun shooter launched in March 2023 for mobile devices. It is based on the Doom franchise and makes players take on the role of a mini-slayer and take out hordes of demons across multiple worlds with a formidable arsenal of weapons. There are several missions to undertake in Mighty Doom and a plethora of firearms to choose from that will aid in eliminating demons quickly and help make progress faster in this game.

Since this is an auto-shooter, your primary focus here is to choose the best set of weapons and aim in all directions to wreak havoc on the field. All of Mighty Doom's firearms are classified under four separate Tiers — A, B, C, and S — based on their utility and damage-dealing potential. You will unlock more guns as you complete more missions.

Below is a list of some of the best guns you can use in Might Doom to improve your chances of completing every mission. You can have a look at the weapon tier list for a better understanding of what you need to take into battle.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinions.

Heavy Cannon and 4 other weapons that are highly recommended in Mighty Doom

1) Heavy Cannon


The Heavy Cannon is a Tier-B weapon that you will start this game with if you are new to Mighty Doom. It is an automatic rifle that deals extra damage to demons that are weak to Ballistic. While it may not be the best gun in its class, this weapon is highly recommended if you are a beginner. Moreover, you can upgrade this gun to increase its damage and spread.

The Heavy Cannon inflicts 100 damage, which can be enhanced by spending Coins (in-game currency).

2) Rocket Launcher


The Rocket Launcher is a Tier-A weapon and has proved to be one of the best in its class. This is because of its overall design and utility. It is best suited to be used against demons approaching you in groups or against single, slow-moving targets. However, this weapon has a cooldown period of ten seconds, and it is recommended that you avoid taking any hits until the cooldown period is over.

The Rocket Launcher deals 900 damage, which can be increased. It also deals additional damage to demons weak to explosives.

3) Ballista

The Ballista in Mighty Doom (Image via Bethesda)
The Ballista in Mighty Doom (Image via Bethesda)

The Ballista is a Tier-S weapon and is considered the best gun in Mighty Doom. This is a precision rifle that is semi-automatic and is well known for its high damage and overall performance.

The gun deals 800 damage, which is upgradable, and comes with a massive magazine capacity. You can equip this firearm to make combat easier in this shooter experience, as it wipes out enemies instantly.

4) Unmaykr

The Unmaykr in Mighty Doom (Image via Bethesda)
The Unmaykr in Mighty Doom (Image via Bethesda)

The Unmaykr is a Tier-S weapon that boasts a fascinating design and is one of Mighty Doom's most powerful weapons right after the Ballista. It is also a semi-automatic precision rifle that can hold a lot of ammo and offers good recoil control.

The damage dealt by this gun is 700, and it is very reliable against bosses. This gun is recommended because of its high damage-dealing potential as well as splash damage.

5) BFG 9000


The BFG 9000 is a Tier-S machine gun that can cause a lot of harm to opponents with its energy projectiles, which is complemented by a high fire rate. This gun is also popular in the Doom franchise.

It deals nearly 700 damage and comes with a larger magazine capacity than the Unmaykr and Ballista. You can equip this weapon for its stunning design and amazing performance.

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