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BLIND wins Thug Invitational Tournament; here are the overall standings after the final day

Published Jan 12, 2020
Jan 12, 2020 IST

BLIND wins Thug Invitational Tournament
BLIND wins Thug Invitational Tournament

The Thug Invitational Tournament that was organised by 8bit Thug in collaboration with Villager Esports is finally over, and BLIND came out winners. They completely outplayed the other teams and pocketed 149 points and two chicken dinners throughout the tournament.

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7 Seas and RXN followed them with 140 and 129 points respectively. BLIND, 7 Seas and RXN turned the tables on the third and last day of the tournament by playing exceptionally well and pushed the Day 2 top three teams behind. Fnatic didn't perform well on the last day but managed to secure sixth spot and Soul stood 14th.

Here are the overall standings of Thug's Invitational Tournament.

Thug Invitational Tournament Final Day Overall Standings

#1 BLIND- 149 points (71 kills)

#2 7 Seas- 140 points (52 kills)

#3 RXN- 129 points (59 kills)

#4 MegaStars- 128 points (54 kills)

#5 MG.Zed- 115 points (51 kills)


#6 Fnatic- 107 point (54 kills)

#7 Orange Rock- 106 points (43 kills)

#8 GodLike- 104 points (40 kills)

#9 VSG.Crawlers- 98 points (41 kills)

#10 ETG.Brawlers- 97 points (42 kills)

#11 Mayhem- 89 points (30 kills)

#12 Celtz- 84 points (44 kills)

#13 God's Reign- 83 points (40 kills)

#14 Soul- 82 points (36 kills)

#15 Team IND- 77 points (24 kills)

#16 8bit- 74 points (39 kills)

#17 Entity Gaming- 73 points (46 kills)

#18 SynerGE- 52 points (22 kills)

#19 UWF- 51 points (33 kills)

#20 Team Insane- 45 points (32 kills)

Day 3 Top Fraggers
Day 3 Top Fraggers

The tournament offered a prize pool of ₹1,00,000, and a total of 20 invited teams were battling for it. A total of twelve matches were played out over three days. The competition was quite fierce, and it was hard to guess the winner till the last game of the tournament. BLIND played aggressively, which is evident from the fact that they took 71 kills throughout the tournament. Goldblade from RXN became the top fragger and took a total of 26 kills.

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