Brawl Stars Odin Cordelius Skin: Cost, design, and more

All details regarding the Brawl Stars Odin Cordelius Skin (Image via Supercell)

The new Brawl Stars Odin Cordelius Skin draws inspiration from a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aligning with the Ragnarok Season theme in the game. Released on April 8, 2024, this skin allows players to dress up their beloved brawler, Cordelius, as the Norse god of war and death. The Brawl Stars special-themed skins usually have a limited availability and are removed from the shop after a short period. Therefore, players interested in acquiring the Odin Cordelius Skin should act promptly.

This article highlights all the details regarding the Brawl Stars Odin Cordelius Skin, including its cost, design, and more.

Cost of Brawl Stars Odin Cordelius Skin

Required cost (Image via Supercell)
Required cost (Image via Supercell)

Like any other Brawl Stars skin, the Odin Cornelius skin can be purchased using gems. It can be acquired by spending 149 gems in the in-game store. Players with a gems shortage can win matches, open chests, and complete daily challenges to replenish their gem collection.

Furthermore, these gems can be bought using real-life currency, and premium players can instantly acquire this skin by spending their hard-earned money.

Thrilling design and visually appealing animation

Brawl Stars Odin Cordelius Skin design (Image via Supercell)
Brawl Stars Odin Cordelius Skin design (Image via Supercell)

When Cordelius dons this skin, his appearance undergoes significant changes. Firstly, he takes on a very old look, sporting a long beard and mustache reminiscent of the age of mythological Odin. Additionally, he wears a helmet adorned with horns protruding from either side. His eyes also undergo alterations, with one taking on a cross-like shape while the other adopts a pink hue.

The Brawl Stars Odin Cordelius skin allows the brawler to wield a weapon associated with the Norse god, employing it with fierce prowess in battle with his right hand. In contrast, his left hand bears a triangular shield, utilized for defense against adversaries' assaults. He also wears a cyan-colored cape on the backside with his head printed.

To elevate his divine aura, continuous thunder emanates from his weapon. When he thrusts this weapon on the ground, a substantial spark is created at the point of impact. He is also accompanied by a crow with matching eyes who perches upon one of its horns.

Additional rewards

Accompanied rewards (Image via Supercell)
Accompanied rewards (Image via Supercell)

In addition to this formidable skin, players get a Brawl Stars Odin Cordelius pin and Player Icon when they purchase this pack. This pin can be used to tease opponents or showcase dominance during battle through chats, while the Player Icon is reflected in the battle at the beginning of a Brawl Stars match.

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