Breaking down the xQc vs Andrew Tate controversy involving HasanAbi, Adin Ross, and more

xQc vs. Andrew Tate is perhaps the most unlikely beef to have happened in 2022 (Images via Twitter and Twitch)
xQc vs. Andrew Tate is perhaps the most unlikely beef to have happened in 2022 (Images via Twitter and Twitch)

Popular Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" has found himself in a beef with one of Twitch's newest and most controversial streamers, Andrew Tate. Tate is a kickboxer based in Romania who became infamous on the internet for his regressive opinions regarding women during the #MeToo movement.

Since then, Tate has had multiple accounts banned from Twitter but has continued to spread his message via YouTube and TikTok. Although his content was seeing an increase in attention, it wasn't until a recent appearance on Adin Ross's stream that he became the talk of the streaming world.

xQc-Andrew Tate controversy: What went down

The former Overwatch pro player crossed paths with Andrew Tate via a Discord call with fellow streamers Adin Ross, Trainwreck, and LosPollosTV. Ross told the Juicer about Tate and his views, which the variety streamer took issue with. Shortly after, Ross messaged Tate to tell him to join the call and debate xQc.

Once he joined, he asked xQc what points he disagreed with. The first one that was mentioned was his take that women are worse drivers than men. Tate defended his argument, saying that it was true in his personal experience. Tate's personal anecdotes seemed to be a common theme in how he formed his personal beliefs.

The Juicer continued to give him pushback as the argument shifted towards other topics and hypothetical scenarios before Andrew Tate eventually gave up. He claimed that he was wasting his time trying to argue with the streamer, insulted his masculinity, and then got off the Discord call.

The debate went viral, courtesy of nearly a quarter-million live viewers at the time, as well as countless re-uploads and clips of the debate being posted across the internet.

xQc said that the reason he was so adamant in countering Tate's arguments was that he felt like everyone else would say nothing or nod in agreement.

He had a conversation with Trainwreck after Tate left the call, where Trainwreck argued that Tate's increase in popularity has caused his beliefs to negatively affect people, including fellow streamer Greekgodx.

In the weeks before Tate's appearance on Adin Ross's stream, Greek's strange and misogynistic behavior had been a hot topic among streamers and viewers. He had stated that Tate was someone he looked up to, likely explaining his erratic behavior.

Another streamer who's had a lot to say about Andrew Tate both now and in the past is political streamer HasanAbi. After recently burying the hatchet with xQc over their streamer-tier-list beef, he's sided with the French-Canadian streamer in his disagreement with Tate. While reacting to Tate's arguments from the stream, he called the kickboxer a "p****" for being unable to admit that he's a misogynist despite his radically sexist views.

In the fallout of the debate, Andrew Tate decided to start his own Twitch channel, taking time on his first stream to rehash his argument with xQc. He used a video of Adept twerking on YouTuber Ice Poseidon to depict xQc as a "beta male."

Perhaps the most disappointing outcome for xQc was that he unintentionally gave Andrew Tate and his views an even bigger platform.

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