Brime streaming platform: All you need to know

(picture credits: sausage roll)
(picture credits: sausage roll)
Rahul Bhushan

This past week has been a tumultuous period for the gaming community, to say the least. With Microsoft shutting down shop on Mixer, and Dr DisRespect being banned and having his channel removed from Twitch and rumblings of a new platform called Brime.

Twitch issued a statement but did not detail any particular reason for the ban. Only stating that their Community Guidelines apply to every streamer on the platform, regardless of prominence.

The reason hasn't been stated by either Twitch or Dr DisRespect, with the latter tweeting that he still hadn't been contacted by anybody from Twitch regarding the ban.

Amidst all the confusion, 4chan boards have been active with putting out conspiracies such as Dr DisRespect, Shroud and Ninja coming together to build an entirely new streaming platform.

Keemstar, a prominent internet personality and streamer recently tweeted out a 4chan theory, and about a brand new platform called Brime.

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What exactly is Brime, and how is it related to Dr DisRespect, Shroud and Ninja?

Brime is a seemingly brand-new streaming platform that popped out of the blue. Seemingly set to begin their operations by Monday, Brime states in their Twitter bio that reads:

"#Brime a new streaming service. We believe gaming is fun. See you soon.

We don't have a site YET."

For some odd reason, this comes across as more of a South Park parody than an actual streaming platform. The reason Brime has been linked to Dr DisRespect, Shroud and Ninja is that the Brime Twitter handle follows a handful of popular streamers, including the ones mentioned.

Brime has been called out multiple times over the week, and people have questioned its authenticity. However, it doesn't take much to figure out the legitimacy of the supposed platform.

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People are calling out Keemstar for peddling on what could be a 4chan troll, which is not unheard of on the Internet. The 4chan theory posted by Keemstar falls apart quite quickly once it is looked at more carefully.

Its claims of Brime being a subsidiary of Spotify, who are (according to the theory) owned by Google, have an NDA in place that prevents either party talking about it.

This is easily dispelled, and the majority of theory crumbles fast as Google in no shape or form owns Spotify. The Twitter handle @WatchBrime did not exist until this week, which further raises questions regarding its authenticity.

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Edited by Utkarsh Rampal
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