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Bronny James shuts down Corinna Kopf after she calls him "Lebron Jr"

Image via Corinna Kopf
Image via Corinna Kopf
Modified 23 Mar 2021

Corinna Kopf’s chat requested that she call her captor "Lebron Jr" in GTAV Online and it caused a murder scene in-game.

Corinna Kopf was being taken hostage while playing GTAV along with Adin Ross. She was dragged towards a hideout by her captors when her chat told her to insult her captors. Her chat asked her to call Bronny James, another player, “Lebron Jr.”

She said it practically instantly, she asked:

“Is Lebron Jr. around here?”

Bronny James told Corinna only a few seconds later

"Don't ever say that s*** again"

Corinn's question put her at the top of the kill list for the other players. They decided right away that she would be the first to be thrown off the cliff. Despite her chat's repeated requests for Corinna Kopf to say more, she continued to decline. She specifically told her chat:

“Chat, I can’t say what you guys want me to say, I’ll get in trouble!”

Corinna felt that her chat was asking her to say something even worse. She continued to repeat, “no chat, I’m going to get in trouble,” when asked to say the offensive terms.

She was taken hostage along with Adin Ross, but after her comment, Bronny James said that he wanted Adin to watch Corinna die. He specifically said:

“Let Adin watch this s***.”

Her captives brought her to the edge of the cliff and hurled her off. As they did it, they made it sound like it had become personal. Even Corinna agreed that she had already overstepped, saying “I got in trouble,” before ultimately being thrown off.

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Corinna Kopf has been playing GTAV Online’s RP servers for a while now

Corinna has been known to play RP with Adin Ross but she has started to play it with other gamers as well. If she continues to play then this may become something that she is known for.

The RP servers don't tolerate racism or racially heated comments, so Corinna Kopf and Adin Ross should consider being kinder in the future.

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Published 23 Mar 2021, 19:34 IST
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