"BTS, suck it!": PewDiePie roasts BTS for unfollowing him

PewDiePie recently came up with a hilarious jibe at BTS.
PewDiePie recently came up with a hilarious jibe at BTS.
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Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg recently took a hilarious jibe at K-Pop group BTS after the latter infamously unfollowed him on Twitter.

The 31-year-old Swedish YouTuber recently announced a major change to his YouTube channel by revealing that he will begin creating faceless content like Corpse Husband and Dream.

His streams will now focus entirely on the concept of a "no-cam face reveal". But he will stream in the persona of a fan-made virtual avatar.

PewDiePie decided to take a friendly shot at BTS during his latest video by referring to his recent "Most Handsome Face" win.

PewDiePie does a "reverse face reveal", shares a message for BTS and K-Pop fans


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PewDiePie left the online community in splits with his latest video as he announced an innovative "reverse face reveal."

Taking a page out of Corpse Husband and Dream's playbook, PewDiePie revealed that the idea behind this new virtual avatar is to stay relevant. His trademark sense of humor was on display throughout the video as he quipped while scrolling through his subreddit.

PewDiePie came across an article that chronicled his recent achievement of being crowned the "World's Most Handsome face," beating out BTS members Jungkook and Taehyung.

His win divided the internet. A section of the online community, consisting of BTS and K-Pop fans, opined that he didn't deserve the win.

With all that in mind, PewDiePie took a light-hearted jab at BTS and the K-Pop fandom in general with the following message:

"That's right BTS, suck it! That's what you get for unfollowing me BTS huh! Better think twice about unfollowing me, I unfollowed you too btw, Biitch. I don't give a f**k ! K-Pop stans, they're mine now , they're all mine. I have an anime avatar now!"

He also addressed that BTS unfollowed him on social media, and humorously claimed that he had consequently done the same.

PewDiePie is officially back from his much-needed break and looks all set to dominate YouTube in 2021.

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