Buddha makes an epic play by killing 7 players in one go at Rust Twitch Rivals

Buddha's clutch at Rust Twitch Rivals goes viral (Image via Sportskeeda)
Buddha's clutch at Rust Twitch Rivals goes viral (Image via Sportskeeda)

Lucas "Buddha" produced insane gameplay at the Rust Twitch Rivals event by claiming seven kills in one go with a hand grenade. This is the second edition of the Rust Twitch Rivals after the first one was held earlier this year.

Forty players from four teams, two from North America, one from the EU, and one Spanish team have been contesting against each other in the $100,000 competition since August 9. So far, only the Spanish team, led by TheGrefg, has been eliminated.

In the viral clip, Buddha, who is part of the second NA team led by Felix "xQc", was part of an epic gameplay after he threw a hand grenade down a bunker resulting in him wiping off seven members of the Dhalucard-led EU team.

Buddha clutches up in Twitch Rivals event with a smart gameplay

Lucas came in clutch yet again for his Rust team after obliterating seven members of Team EU. Presently, the xQc-led NA team is trailing Disguised Toast’s NA team. Dhalucard's team is placed in third position and is at risk of getting eliminated as the competition heads into its penultimate day.

With three rounds completed and two more to go, Team Disguised Toast appears to be in the driving seat with a massive 1567 points. xQc's NA team is currently in second position with 1311 and the EU team in third with 1191 points.

(Timestamp: 3:19:04)

Each team gets a point for killing an opposing player. Buddha's much-welcomed ingenious idea propelled his team a bit closer to the the first place. A different angle, from Willjum's perspective, was also shared where the F1 bomb clears out almost everyone in the tunnel.

Twitch Rivals Rust has progressed to the fourth and last day, where only one team will survive. Points have now been entirely restarted since TheGrefg's-led Spanish team's elimination, allowing the remaining teams a more level playing field for the remaining portion of the event.

Fans' reactions to the epic gameplay

Not only were the commentators and Dhalucard's team left surprised, but fans went ballistic after the heroic effort of the streamer. The clip was shared on the popular subreddit, r/LivestreamFail, which garnered a lot of comments.

Most of the comments praised Buddha's idea. Here are some of the reactions that were shared in the post:

With the third round swinging its way in Team xQc's favor, many have started to think that the comeback is on for the second NA team. Their team is star-studded with big streamers such as Erobb221, Tarik, Summit1g, and TrainswrecksTV.

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