Disguised Toast reveals upcoming Rust Twitch Rivals' full squad; will act as team captain with xQc, Thegrefg, and dhalucard 

Disguised Toast reveals upcoming Rust Twitch Rivals' full squad (Image via Sportskeeda)
Disguised Toast reveals upcoming Rust Twitch Rivals' full squad (Image via Sportskeeda)

Jeremy "Disguised Toast" recently shared the full squad of the upcoming $100K Rust Twitch Rivals event. The event was officially announced through Twitch Rival's Twitter account, inviting smaller streamers to join as well. The competition will start on August 9 and go on until August 13.

With the entry to the competition now closed, Jeremy finally revealed the entire roster for the event. He disclosed the four teams which consist of multiple gamers, their captains, and co-captains.

xQc and Disguised Toast will captain the two NA teams while Dhalucard and Thegrefg will lead the EU and Spanish teams respectively.


Disguised Toast reveals Rust Twitch Rivals' captains

Aside from the four captains, there will also be a co-captain for each regional team. The two NA teams will feature streamers Mendo and hJune as co-captains, and the EU and Spanish teams will have Wilijum and Panpots fulfilling the role.

The last Twitch Rivals Event saw the Spanish team relinquish their position due to a dispute. However, they were invited back this time as the entire conflict is now considered to be resolved. Talking about the situation, Disguised Toast said:

"I recognised there was a miscommunication in the last one and that's what Spanish team said and that's the reason why they quit. So this time there is no miscommunication... "

He further added:

"Everything is translated in Spanish and communicated well ahead of time..."

Based on the tournament's official description, the initial days will see the four teams set up their grounds and equipment before attempting to eliminate each other on day three, with the final man standing on day five declared the winner.

What’s this? 🤔Find out when Twitch Rivals @playrust Team Battle II ft @DisguisedToast in collab with @RustoriaServers beginsWatch & Co-stream Aug 9-13 10am PT/19:00 CEST at /twitchrivals & /twitchrivals_es

Furthermore, viewers will also be rewarded if they follow and watch the captains' streams. The streamer-specific drops will allow viewers to follow a particular person in order to link the drop to their channel. Here are some of the items and loot that are available:

Xqc - Sheet Metal Double Door (2 Hours)

Disguised Toast - Large Wood Box (2 Hours)

Dhalucard - Hoodie (2 Hours)

Thegrefg - Assault Rifle (2 Hours)

Aside from the streamer-specific, there will be general loot available for access to everyone such as Twitch Trophy, Pants, T-Shirts, Garage Doors, and Jackhammers.

Fans react to Rust Twitch Rivals' captaincy announcement

Fans have remained excited for the second installment of the Rust Twitch Rivals competition. The servers will also include a special spot for the players, as revealed through the Twitch Rivals Twitter account. Here are some of the tweets that were shared:

Excited for tmr rust twitch rivals 🥲 Reunion is real 😭
@TwitchRivals @playrust @DisguisedToast @RustoriaServers happy for everyone playing!! any spots left for ogs with years streaming this game ?
@TwitchRivals @playrust @DisguisedToast @RustoriaServers can't wait to see one of the teams making dramas and crying over a game
@TwitchRivals @playrust @DisguisedToast @RustoriaServers I wish i could play in it, I would really enjoy it
@TwitchRivals @RustoriaServers @playrust @DisguisedToast Bro this is gonna be so dramatic ill watch the entire time

The event will also include other big streamers such as Summit1g, TrainwrecksTV, Erobb221, Buddha, Natsumiii, Tarik, Symfuhny, NigaHiga, and Posty among many others.

Many fans, including publications such as Marca, have considered this as an opportunity for the Spanish team to take retribution for their alleged unfair treatment last time.

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