GTA 5 streamer Buddha: GTA RP character, viewership and earnings

Buddha is one of the fastest-growing GTA RP streamers on Twitch (image via Sportskeeda)
Buddha is one of the fastest-growing GTA RP streamers on Twitch (image via Sportskeeda)
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Lucas Ramos, better known by his online alias Buddha, is a popular GTA streamer on Twitch nowadays.

He has been on Twitch for a long time but became popular only recently when he started streaming GTA RP.

Buddha started his Twitch career playing VR chat and various other role-playing games.

Buddha was also one of the first streamers to pick up GTA RP with the introduction of the State of Emergency server in the beginning days of GTA RP.

His channel currently has 626,000 followers on Twitch and he is a well-known figure in the GTA RP community along with his character,"Lang Buddha".

GTA RP character

Lang Buddha (image via
Lang Buddha (image via

Buddha role-plays as Lang Buddha, a quick witted Chinese-American gangster.

Lang Buddha has mastered the art of conversation and networking. He uses these skills to infiltrate highly illegal criminal organizations as well as high profile business circles.

He exploits these connections to build his own criminal empire and start his own gang, the Cleanbois.

Due to him being one of the richest men in Los Santos, as well as one of the prominent criminal masterminds in the city, Lang has a big target on his back. To make sure he has eyes everywhere, he helped get Denzel Williams elected as mayor. By doing this, he had the police and sheriff's department in his pocket.

Lang and some of the Los Santos elite have collaborated and started a business conglomerate known as the Cerberus, where they own more than half of the businesses in Los Santos.

Lang Buddha is known to be quick witted and often uses humor to get out of sticky situations.

Secretive and paranoid, Buddha is also a skilled liar and storyteller. The result of being a big figure in the underworld.



In the month of August, Buddha had a peak viewership of 41,000 and has accumulated 5,399,696 hours of total watchtime on his channel.

On YouTube, his channel has 32,000 subscribers and his GTA RP videos have around 10,000 views with some of his popular uploads having 40,000 views.



According to SocialBlade, Buddha makes around $22 - $359 annually from his YouTube channel.

On Twitch it is estimated that he makes around $10,000 annually from subscriptions. On top of that he earns money from donations, merchandise and brand deals.

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