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C9 Ziqo's receives help from xQc by calling out Twitch for ban

Image via C9 Zuqo & XQC
Image via C9 Zuqo & XQC
Modified 26 Jan 2021

C9 Ziqo received help from xQc in the form of an angry tweet at Twitch. C9 Ziqo had to serve a ban for seven days due to hate speech. xQc linked Ziqo's video where he explains the situation.

C9 Ziqo tried to appeal by asking for a timestamp but was given none by Twitch.

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xQc called out Twitch to give Ziqo a timestamp but has yet to receive a response. Twitch resolved the case instead of attempting to help the larger public understand the situation. C9 Ziqo also seemed to have found the clip that got him banned and posted it on Twitter.

From the clip it looks like he says "Fu*k it" out of frustration. Twitch seemed to have assumed that it was a homophobic slur and took action.


C9 Ziqo had been successfully growing his channel lately but this ban has been a great impediment to that.

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C9 Ziqo lost a lot because of the ban

C9 Ziqo was tasked with hosting the 2020 Twitch Awards show but lost the opportunity due to his ban. Ziqo's account has been in bad standing for 3 months, so his opportunities have dropped completely.

It has crippled the growth of his streams. Ziqo has also lost the option to do bounties, which is a nice source of income for many streamers.


Twitch has a long history of being unfair to streamers. This incident won't help reconcile Twitch's relationship with streamers and the hordes of fans that follow these stramers.

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Published 26 Jan 2021, 01:03 IST
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