Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Key innovations, swimming, water, and more

Modern Warfare 2 will have a swimming mechanism  (image via Activision)
Modern Warfare 2 will have a swimming mechanism (image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's gameplay reveal is here. With fans clamoring for it since the moment Infinity Ward dropped the teaser, more information about the upcoming iteration is finally available.

In the reveal, the developers showed some of the new mechanics and key features that will come with the launch of Modern Warfare 2.


Some of the most important features that are coming are the return of water and the swimming mechanism.

Key innovations in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Game Director of Infinity Ward, Jack O'Hara, explained that they had been planning to add water as realistically as possible to the game for a very long time. Fans saw water in Modern Warfare and Warzone; however, it always left more to be desired. It was not interactive most of the time. The upcoming game looks to change that.

Needless to say, adding water to combat spaces is an important step up for the Modern Warfare saga.


O'Hara further stated that this time, they wanted to give the developers a toolset to allow water as part of the combat space.

The introduction of water in the game will not just apply to a specific mode โ€” the idea behind this addition is to provide a consistent and interactive experience with water โ€” but will be a massive part of Modern Warfare 2 in its campaign, multiplayer, and co-ops modes.

Furthermore, Jack also explained that the team did their best to provide the most realistic experience possible; developers wanted to emphasize visual fidelity. And through high-end textures and realistic simulations, the devs are hoping that fans will get derive an experience from the game like no other.



As for the swimming mechanics, this will be an important feature in MW 2 multiplayer. The MP Design Director of Infinity Ward, Joe Cecot, explained that they added the ability to swim underwater for the very first time in a Modern Warfare multiplayer.

Here are all the important factors to remember when it comes to swimming in MW 2 multiplayer.


When players jump into the water, the water will be murky and cloudy. The deeper they go, the more visibility will become a problem for them. The devs did this to depict reality as closely as possible.


This new rule might be a game-changer for the multiplayer mode in Modern Warfare 2. If players are in a firefight, they can jump into the water to escape it. Also, for bullets flying underwater, the devs have created different ballistics. Bullets will travel slower if players shoot in the water.

New combat rules

Players won't be able to use all the weapons in the game underwater. However, they can use pistols and melee weapons to fight. The moment players come to the surface, they will be able to access all their other weapons.

Boats and amphibious vehicles

Players will have access to boats and other vehicles to fight on the surface of the water. Furthermore, Modern Warfare 2 will introduce some amphibious vehicles as well, which will provide the ability to drive from land to water.


All tactical equipment will behave differently if players throw them into the water. Based on the area of damage or the effectiveness of a particular projectile, each piece of equipment will play a unique role in the upcoming game.

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