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Call of Duty: Warzone sees the return of the Stim glitch

Image via Activision
Image via Activision
Brandon Moore
Modified 30 Jan 2021

The Call of Duty: Warzone Stim glitch is back again, but thankfully, it is a little more difficult to pull off this time around.

For those unaware, the Stim glitch in Warzone is where players can constantly use Stim injections to regain their health. They never run out it. It is infinite.

The return of this Warzone glitch sees its fourth implementation. The difficulty level has been upped, however. Players will truly need to want to cheat in order to put it to use.

Call of Duty: Warzone sees the return of the Stim glitch

This new version of the Warzone Stim glitch is still an exploit, but isn't considered as much of a glitch as the last three times. Using this glitch means that Warzone players can survive in the gas cloud until their opponents meet their maker and the game is over.

Many players in the Warzone community figured this glitch was no more. The last patch took out the infinite Stim glitch, but it appears to have returned. This time it takes precision.


The observer of the glitch noticed a hacker throw a grenade at a wall, pick it up, trigger their night vision goggles, and immediately start using infinite Stims. Warzone does not allow the use of night vision goggles, so this is even more baffling.

NVG is binded to a key on PC for the campaign, but has no such counterpart of console versions of Warzone. No comment has been made regarding this new found version of the Stim glitch, but it is more than likely going to be patched out fairly quickly.

Another thing to note is that this glitch does not just apply to Stims in Warzone. Any tactical equipment can be used in this glitch, whether it is Stims or a Stun grenade. The term "Stim glitch" simply comes from that being the most used item.

Published 30 Jan 2021, 00:12 IST
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