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Call of Duty Mobile: Battle Royale Mode Features Explained; Full Guide

Tarun Sayal
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:08 IST

Call of Duty: Mobile
Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile recently launched their BR (battle royale) mode in game. Now a lot of people are confused that what is new in battle royale mode. Another question is also what makes the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty mobile different from other battle royale games. But before I write the new features of this BR mode, there is a great news for iOS users. The developers have confirmed that Call of Duty: Mobile will soon be released on iOS. Now, lets have a look at the features of the Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale mode.

#Battle Royale Mode classes

Yes, the Call of Duty: Mobile has 6 different classes that you can pick in game. These classes are divided on two different basis :-

  1. One ability
  2. One Passive Perk

#Revive System(Dog Tag)

There is a revive system in the game which is very different from most famous Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile. If you have played Apex Legends, you will definitely know about their revive system. Call of Duty: Mobile revive system is very similar to Apex Legends revive system. Once your teammate is dead- you can bring them back by picking up their Dog Tag and clicking the revive button allows your teammate to be revived on the plane and return to the battlefield.

#Defender Class

The battle royale mode has a feature of building your own cover anytime and anywhere. Now I have mentioned above about two different classes i.e Ability and Passive.In this defender class :-

Ability (Transformed Shield) : Place a deformable shield.

Passive Perk(Reinforced) : Raise resistance to all damage except bullets.

#Mechanic Class

Ability (Emp Drone): Players can call a Drone to get rare weapons. But this will also notify about your position to the enemies. In PUBG Mobile players can call a flare drop by shooting Flare Gun in the sky. But in Call of Duty: Legends of War this procedure is different. Player has to press drone button in bottom right corner to call a drone. The drone will emit some color trail which will reveal your position and will inform the enemies. So be prepared before you call a Air drone.

Passive Perk (Engineer): Grant augmented sight to vehicles, hostile traps and equipments.


#Scout Class

Scout means sending some device or person of your force to gather information about the enemy's position, strength, or movements. In Call of Duty: Mobile the main objective of scout is to track the enemy's position through some kind of sensor.

Ability (Sensor Dart): Ability of a scout class is that it will shoot a sensor dart that will allow players to see the enemies position in the radar map. By using this ability a lot of new strategies are unlocked. It will also improve the ingame sense of the players. Whenever you will use the ability of scout class a red hemisphere will be emitted from sensor which will track the activity of nearby enemies.

Passive Perk (Tracker): This game will not allow you to see the footsteps of enemies. You have to use the passive perk of scout class which will allow you to see fresh footsteps of enemies. But it is available for only limited period of time. But be careful, by using passive perk of scout class enemies can also track your position.

#Clown Class

Now here the clown class is very fun to use and commonly used to confuse your enemies. The clown word does not mean that you will become some kind of joker. It is a word associated with zombies. Like previous classes it also has two different types:-

Ability (Toy Bomb): By Exploring houses and building you will find a bomb named as Toy bomb. By throwing this bomb at your enemies it will summon zombies and will attack enemies near your position and will reduce their health. This will distract the enemies from your activity and you can easily kill them.

Passive Perk (Anti Zombie): Now this ability has also its passive perk which is its Anti Zombie gas. This gas will will reduce the zombies nearby you which are sent by your enemies.

#Medic Class

By the term medic it is clear that it is connected with healing activity. Some part of this class is very similar to the character of Apex Legends "Lifeline".

Ability (Medical Station): By using the ability of this class it will place a medical station which will heal your whole team continuously at single point of time.

Passive Perk (Master Healer): By using master healer it will heal you faster and reduce the revive time of your dead teammates.

#Ninja Class

Ability (Grapple Gun): It will shoot a hook to your desired position that can pull itself to the target. It will allow players even more faster movements.

Passive Perk (Dead Silence): It grants you more quiet movements which will keep your position secret from your enemies.

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