Can you catch a Shiny Skrelp in Pokemon Go?

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak
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Pokemon GO introduced Skrelp into the mobile game during its Rivals' Week special event.

Skrelp is a dual Poison/Water-type Pokemon originally discovered in Generation VI and the Kalos region. Rivals' Week is now over, with the increased spawn rates of Skrelp being put back to normal.


That does not mean Skrelp will disappear. It will just become a rare Pokemon to come across in Pokemon GO. It remaining in the mobile game has trainers wondering if its Shiny variant can be caught.

Can you catch a Shiny Skrelp in Pokemon Go?

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Typically, Pokemon GO adds Pokemon and every last detail into the game months in advance. That means Skrelp, its sprites, its moves, and its Shiny form, are already found in the backend.

Dataminers will testify to this. Skrelp has all of its Pokemon GO data and information found within the mobile game. That doesn't mean all of it has been released, however.

Unfortunately, Shiny Skrelp is sitting all by its lonesome waiting for Niantic to actually allow players to encounter it. There really isn't any specific formula or timeline that has been shown for the release of Shiny versions in Pokemon GO.

An example is that of Bunnelby. It was released in November 2020. The 2021 Spring into Spring event was the first time trainers were able to obtain its Shiny version in Pokemon GO.

That means players may have to wait a few months or even more before Shiny Skrelp becomes available. Until then, players can simply capture the regular Skrelp in order to train it up and evolve it.

With 50 Skrelp Candy, trainers can evolve one into the Poison/Dragon-type known as Dragalge. It is a solid Pokemon to own and may shake up the Pokemon GO battle meta as its time in the mobile game increases and it sees more use.

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