Top 5 Community Day Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Community Day (Image via Niantic)
Community Day (Image via Niantic)
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Every month since January 2018, Pokemon GO has held a Community Day where a single Pokemon is featured and a few resource bonuses are activated.

The special Pokemon has an increased chance of being shiny and typically has its shiny variant introduced on the very same day.

These featured Pokemon are also special as they can have a featured move, one that is usually only learnable through Elite TMs. This can save players a lot of trouble going forward.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

What are the best Community Day Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

#5 - Magikarp

Shiny Magikarp (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Shiny Magikarp (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Magikarp has never exactly been rare. However, hunting down the flopping fish for a Gyarados was a challenging and time-consuming task.

The Community Day that featured Magikarp on August 8th, 2020, was a huge boon to players who needed more of the Pokemon to finally earn their Gyarados.

While shiny Magikarp had already been released for a while, this Community Day gave players a much better chance to pick up a golden carp for themselves. Magikarp and Gyarados were, after all, the first shiny Pokemon added to Pokemon GO. Any chance to acquire the historical Pokemon variant is a chance players should take.

#4 - Bagon

Bagon (Image via Niantic)
Bagon (Image via Niantic)

This land-locked Dragon with dreams of the sky was featured on April 13th of 2019. This day also saw the introduction of Bagon, Shelgon, and Salamence's shiny forms.

As a pseudo-legendary, Salamence boasts more than decent stats. And its Community Day exclusive move, Outrage, is quite the lethal move in combat. It would be over a year before Elite TMs - that gave players the chance to teach Outrage to non-Community Day Salamences - came out, so the Bagons caught on this Community Day were exceptionally valuable.

#3 - Beldum

Beldum (Image via MusicalCombusken on DeviantArt)
Beldum (Image via MusicalCombusken on DeviantArt)

There's not much of a difference between Beldum and Bagon in terms of the ranking on this list. Beldum is another Pokemon that will eventually evolve into a pseudo-legendary and had its shiny variant introduced on a Community Day (which was on October 21st, 2018).

The only major difference is that Salamence's Outrage could ultimately be substituted with Draco Meteor.

Metagross' Community Day exclusive move Meteor Mash is, hands down, its best move to date. The move can now be taught to Metagross via Elite TMs, but back in 2018, that wasn't possible.

So while Salamence missed out on a move variation for a year, Metagross would miss out on its literal best move for nearly two years if not caught on Community Day. That makes these particular Beldum pretty valuable.

#2 - Dratini

Dratini (Image via Game Freak)
Dratini (Image via Game Freak)

Once again, this Dragon-type Pokemon shares its Community Day with the introduction of its shiny variant. Dratini was featured on February 24th, 2018, on the second Community Day ever held.

The move Dragonite learned on this day, Draco Meteor, remains one of its best moves to this day. With Elite TMs nothing but a distant dream as of February 2018, it would be a long while before a Dratini that was caught outside of Community Day could properly match their special brethren.

#1 - Fletchling

Fletchling (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Fletchling (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Talonflame, Fletchling's final evolution, is currently highly valued in the competitive scene of Pokemon GO.

This Community Day took place recently, which means the Pokemon was already known to be valuable. Any player looking to take a step into competitive Pokemon GO was suddenly given a chance to hunt for a powerful and high-tier Pokemon quite easily.

Incinerate is the exclusive move for Fletchlings that are caught on the March 6th, 2021 Community Day. This is Talonflame's best Quick Move, and players do not need to burn an Elite TM to get this move.

Fletching and Talonflame (and their middle evolution Fletchinder) received their shiny variants on this day.

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