Can you craft new ships in Skull and Bones?

Sailing a ship is all a part of the pirate's life in Skull and Bones (Image via Ubisoft)
Sailing a ship is all a part of the pirate's life in Skull and Bones (Image via Ubisoft)

Skull and Bones is set to have a variety of ships that players can obtain and occupy with their crew. Pirates are nothing without their ship, and players will get the chance to sail some of the mightiest ones found across the Indian Ocean. When the game arrives on November 8, 2022, there will be 12 unique ships available to players.


These aren't just vessels that wash up on shore to be taken over. Players will indeed have to gather the materials, get a crew large enough to operate it, and craft it for it to be usable.

Skull and Bones will launch with a dozen ships for players to craft

Ship customization will be a huge focus (Image via Ubisoft)
Ship customization will be a huge focus (Image via Ubisoft)

Ubisoft's Senior Game Director for Skull and Bones, Ryan Barnard, has confirmed that 12 ships can be crafted. With it being a live service game, more are expected to come with future updates.

There are three different categories of ships. Cargo ships focus on carrying more supplies. Navigation ships are quick and nimble, while Firepower ships are designed to decimate opposing pirate ships in combat.

Players won't be limited to one ship, so they can pick one that fits their playstyle at any point in time. They will have to craft any additional ships if they want them added to their fleet.

Ryan Barnard mentioned that up to 40 copies of each ship could be made in case a backup is needed. This will be helpful in dangerous PvP servers if a player's ship is sunk and lost to the sea.

Once a player moves through the Infamy ranks, more ships will be unlocked for crafting. Infamy is the progression system in Skull and Bones that determines a pirate's notoriety.

Infamy can be raised by performing actions such as sinking well-known pirates, finding treasure, or hiring a massive crew. This will lead to more pirates wanting to join forces or potentially target the player to make a name for themselves.

Reaching the max Infamy level of Pirate Kingpin will be the main goal for every player, and will see every available ship unlocked for crafting. This will make a variety of speed, health, capacity, and power ships accessible to players.

More information about the crafting system is sure to be revealed before Skull and Bones releases. This info will be sure to include details on weapons, different ship appearances, and more.

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