"Can't wait to see Max's grimace in 4K": Fans react as Remedy Games announce remake of Max Payne 1+2

The recent news from Remedy Games has excited many fans (Images via Remedy Games, Mod db)
The recent news from Remedy Games has excited many fans (Images via Remedy Games, Mod db)

Max Payne games have been one of the biggest franchises in the gaming world, and all three games have a cult following among fans. Between the three, Max Payne 1 and 2 are closely related to each other. Both games were made by Remedy Games and were released at the turn of the new millennium.

On the mark of completing nearly two decades since its release, Remedy is set to remake both games using their own Northlight Engine, and fans have been overjoyed with the news.

The first two games saw Detective Max Payne go into revenge mode following the murder of his family. In addition, the two games had some of the best story-telling seen in video games. However, time has crept upon it as the older visuals could be a disincentive for modern-day gamers. Hence, a modern rendition of both games will be wonderful for beginners and veterans alike.

Fans have been overjoyed with the news of Max Payne 1+2 remake

Since Remedy broke the news, there have been reactions from fans. Some of them have been overjoyed with the announcement. Others have been skeptical over the fact that Rockstar will be involved. The recent GTA trilogy hasn't been good at all, and fans fear that the same could happen with the Max Payne 1+2 remake.

In this regard, one fan's opinion is quite reassuring, which stated that Remedy would be in total control of the game's development. Rockstar will only have its say in financing and publishing.

Another fan was reassured to hear the above news given the pedigree and reputation of Remedy Games and their products. Aside from the franchise in discussion, Remedy has made masterpieces like Alan Wake and Control, among others.

There are certain areas that fans can expect the remake to improve upon. One gamer believes that it's combat that needs serious work to meet the needs of modern times.

The shallow quality of the recent GTA trilogy has been a matter of concern as one fan asked Remedy to produce the remake in a better way.

@remedygames Amazing!Didnt expect to see that!But please do me a favour, dont remake those awesome games like Rockstar did with the GTA trilogy.

For some, the best news has been the fact that Remedy Games will be making a remake of both Max Payne games. One fan thought that only the first game would be remade if it was ever done.

@JpOuterHaven @remedygames I cannot believe they're remaking The Fall of Max Payne too. I thought for sure if they did this it would just be the first game but I am overjoyed to know they're doing MP2 as well. That's one of my favourite games ever.

The games are known for their lead character, and fans are hoping that there won't be a change in the typical face of the character. The iconic character is known for the grimace on his face, and it will be interesting to see if the remakes retain that part.

@remedygames For God's sake, don't change that face:

For some, the games have been among the best third-person shooters ever made. One gamer described the hundreds of hours they have spent on the three games.

@remedygames @SamLakeRMD @remedygames I absolutely love you guys. I spent hundreds of hours in these games. For me the best 3rd person shooter ever made. simply the best. (Don't stop on remakes, we need number 4! with James McCaffrey voice !)

A fan has even requested for the remakes to have a photo mode like Control. Incidentally, Control is another game made by Remedy Games.

@remedygames It better have photo mode like in Control.

Such has been the iconic status of Max Payne games that people have been praying for a new game. It's quite likely that the remakes will be made from the ground up to suit modern times.

@remedygames My prayers has been answered

It's evident how much fans are excited about the fresh news set that Remedy Games announced on April 7. Unfortunately, it will take some time for Remedy to create the remake. A rush could be disastrous and result in sub-optimal results.

Max Payne created a place of its own from previous games. The first two have their place in video game greatness. It will now be a matter of time and patience to see what impact the remakes will be able to create when they come out.

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