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Chrono vs Hayato: Which Free Fire character is better for the Factory Challenge in March 2021?

Chrono and Hayato possess remarkable abilities in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Chrono and Hayato possess remarkable abilities in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Modified 22 Mar 2021

Garena Free Fire is a very diverse title in the esports community. It offers various characters, pets, and other unique in-game features that make the gameplay interesting.

A popular custom room challenge, called the Factory Challenge, is also viral among players right now. This game mode hosts two or more players fighting each other on the Factory roof with fists or melee weapons.

The most suitable character for this challenge is Kla, but Chrono and Hayato also possess remarkable abilities. This article compares their abilities to see who is better for the Factory Challenge in Free Fire in March 2021.

Assessing the abilities of Hayato and Chrono in Free Fire


Chrono in Garena Free Fire
Chrono in Garena Free Fire

Chrono is one of the most trendy characters in Free Fire, and he has some incredible powers that can help players on the battlefield.

Chrono's level one skill allows him to establish a force field that blocks 600 damage from opponents. He can also fire at enemies from inside the force field. Furthermore, his moving speed rises by 15%. Allies within this force field gain a 10% boost in movement speed, which lasts four seconds. The ability has a timeout duration of 50 seconds.

When Chrono reaches level six, his abilities are significantly boosted.



Hayato in Free Fire
Hayato in Free Fire

As described in Free Fire, Hayato is a legendary samurai with a passive yet assertive skill called 'Bushido.'

The player's armor penetration improves by 7.5 percent for every 10 percent drop in maximum HP after equipping the character. Once raised to level 6, armor penetration improves by 10 percent with every 10 percent drop in overall HP.

Conclusion: Who is better for the Factory Challenge?

Both Hayato and Chrono are commendable characters in the game, but their usefulness for the Factory Challenge depends on several aspects.


Chrono can build a force field to enable boosted movement speeds. Hayato is of no practical use on the roof as no armors are allowed, and his ability strongly revolves around increasing armor penetration of enemies.

Hence, for the Factory Challenge, Chrono is always a better choice.

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Note: Since the Factory Challenge is a custom room mode in Garena Free Fire, the weapon choice solely depends on the individual player. The fights are usually 1v1, and the popular weapons used are melee and fists. This article compares the two characters based on these criteria.

Published 22 Mar 2021, 13:06 IST
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