Clash Royale Royal Tournament: Participation, rewards, and more

Clash Royale's Royal Tournament (Image via Sportskeeda)
Clash Royale's Royal Tournament (Image via Sportskeeda)

Clash Royale is one of the most popular smartphone games with troop cards, in-game challenges, tournaments, and fast-paced real-time gaming. Completing several sanctioned tournaments allows players to put their skills to the test and earn rewards.

The Clash Royale Royal Competition is the game's newest 1v1 tournament, which allows users to win rewards while participating in a tournament format against other players from across the world.

The Royal Tournament, its rewards, and the rules for participating in this challenge will all be covered in this article. Players can enter the Royal Tournament in the Clash Royale event section from April 11, 2022 to receive in-game rewards like Gold, Legendary Chests, Cards, Gems, and Magic Items.

Royal Tournament in Clash Royale

Royal Tournament (Image via Sportskeeda)
Royal Tournament (Image via Sportskeeda)

Every month, the developers of Clash Royale host a new tournament in which players can compete for fantastic prizes. The Royal Tournament is the game's newest tournament challenge, in which players participate in a 1v1 battle after putting together an 8-card deck out of unlocked cards.

Only players with a king level of 8 or higher are eligible to compete in this tournament. Players must assemble an 8-card deck before the battle begins, unlike in the Triple Draft Tournament. The Royal Tournament's in-game description is as follows:

"Bring your best deck into battle! Win as many battles as you can to earn Rewards! Make it to the top 100 to earn an Exclusive Emote + 100000 bonus gold!"

To win battles, players in this tournament must construct their own tournament deck, which should include both defensive and offensive cards. Players must win the most battles to obtain bigger rewards. The top 100 players that complete all of the challenges will receive a special emote as well as 100000 gold.

Let The Royale Crown Down begin! 📯Play in the Royal Tournament, in-game now! Get as many victories as possible to help your team earn points to climb the ranking and progress on the gameboard! 👑If you haven’t signed up yet 👇

To keep the challenge fair, all card levels, including the King level, will be level 11. Players must take into account that their opponent may be a stronger Arena player with Legendary and Champion cards, and create an 8-card deck accordingly.

Royal Tournament Rewards

Will you be using the Skeleton King (A.K.A, not Larry's dad) in the Royal Tournament? ☠️⚔️🏆

In the Royal Tournament, there are two reward tiers: free and bonus. Tournament in-game battle winners will receive free prizes, while Bonus items are only available to those who spend 500 Gems to enter the Bonus tier. Participants can receive a lot of resources by participating in this competition:

  • Players can purchase 500 Gems to obtain the Bonus tier goodies after the event has ended for 24 hours.
  • The top 100 players will receive a special emote and 100,000 gold.
  • Free rewards include Magic Items, Gold, Gems, and Chests.
  • Players can get Special Chests, extra Gold, Magic Items, Gems, troop cards, and other bonuses.

Finally, the Clash Royale Royal Tournament is a magnificent event in which each player with a level of 8 or higher should participate. By partaking in this event, players can gain free Gold, Gems, Chests, and Magic Items.

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