COD Mobile Forged Steel Draw: Price, release date, Legendary Mace, and more details

Modified 02 May 2021

Season 3 of COD Mobile Tokyo Escape has brought in several lucky draws. Players with sufficient in-game currency often rely on these lucky draws to get their hands on unique skins and Legendary weapons.

The Legendary Mace outfit in COD Mobile was recently leaked on social media along with numerous other details. The lucky draw will be called the Forged Steel Draw and is set to arrive in COD Mobile in May.

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COD Mobile Forged Steel Draw: Price, release date, Legendary Mace, and more details

Players have been ardently waiting for the Legendary Mace Final Guard skin. The Forged Steel Draw, which will be hosted tentatively next week, will bring in the second Legendary skin in COD Mobile.

Owning a legendary outfit allows players to stand out from the crowd as the skin has reactive cosmetics. On top of that, legendary skins like Dark Nikto and Mace have kill feed markers on their left hand, which helps players keep count of their eliminations in-game.

Mace Final Guard is the second Operator skin to be released on COD Mobile. He will undoubtedly take the narrative forward in the Tokyo Escape storyline. The fourth lucky draw in Season 3 will come with the soldier outfit that players are looking forward to.

Along with the costume, the draw is also bringing in a shiny new Renetti – Metal Phantom blueprint. The Legendary weapon skin will sync perfectly with the new Mace Final Guard skin. The Legendary Mace draw will bring in 10 items in total, including the Renetti Pistol from Modern Warfare.

Image via JustSpawn
Image via JustSpawn

When it comes to the price of the draw, if players are lucky, they can usually get it for free on their first spin. If they are not, the prices will increase with every draw.

Players can take a hint from the Dark Nikto Legendary Draw:

  • First free
  • 30 CP (COD Points)
  • 80 CP
  • 120 CP
  • 200 CP
  • 520 CP
  • 800 CP
  • 1300 CP
  • 1850 CP
  • 2200 CP

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Disclaimer: Players can expect the Forged Steel Draw to follow the same pattern. Also, there is no confirmed news about the first draw being free.

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Published 02 May 2021
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