COD Mobile Season 3: Tips and tricks to "Dropshot" like pros in ranked matches

How to Dropshot like a pro in COD Mobile
How to Dropshot like a pro in COD Mobile
Debolina Banerjee

Like all multiplayer shooters, COD Mobile players not only have to shoot and kill enemies but also defend themselves. One of the defensive techniques used by players is the Dropshot.

This is a technique where players shoot at opponents and go prone at the same time to dodge bullets fired at them.

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In order to climb the ranks, both in the Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes, players are advised to learn the Dropshot quickly. This article will inform them about ways in which they can do so effectively.

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COD Mobile Season 3: How to "Dropshot" like pros in ranked matches

Players must keep in mind the following suggestions if they want to master Dropshots in COD Mobile:

#1 - Settings

It is vital for players to get their HUD (Head-Up Display) in proper order. They are also advised to keep the ADS (Aiming Down Sights) button closer to the prone button, which will help change positions quicker.

Players can either use the four-finger-claw technique or five fingers to play, as per their comfort. Whatever it may be, it is better for them to keep a finger dedicated to the prone button.

#2 - Weapon being used

Image via PrestigeIsKey (YouTube)
Image via PrestigeIsKey (YouTube)

Players need to execute the Dropshoot, keeping in mind the guns they are using. Depending on the range and recoil, they must go for the Dropshot, except for snipers.

If players are using a sniper, they only need one shot to kill enemies. The rest is just shifting positions incessantly to confuse and catch enemies off-guard.

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#3 - Timing

Image via ValorPlays (YouTube)
Image via ValorPlays (YouTube)

Dropshots look easy but have to be timed perfectly. Players also need to open their scope at the right moment to make sure that maximum bullets are fired.

If they are too late to shift their movement (be it going prone or getting up), the technique will become useless. The most effective time to execute a Dropshot is when players face opponents head-on, rather than sneaking up on them.

#4 - Practice

There is no better advice than to practice Dropshots. Famous COD Mobile players have practiced rigorously for hours on end to get it perfectly timed.

Players will not get miraculously good at it, so practice and patience are recommended to everybody.

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Note: This article is for beginners. While these steps may seem obvious to some, several new players often search for these tips and tricks.

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