Top 5 methods to improve aim accuracy in COD Mobile Season 3

Improving aim accuracy in COD Mobile
Improving aim accuracy in COD Mobile
Debolina Banerjee

COD Mobile is one of the most beloved multiplayer mobile games, revolving around shooting and survival. Players love to engage in the intense action offered by the title.


COD Mobile is not an easy title, and beginners might face some problems with their aim accuracy. This article has a few tips and tricks that they can implement in order to improve their aim accuracy.

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COD Mobile: Best methods to improve aim accuracy in Season 3

These are five great ways to develop aim accuracy in-game:

#1 - Sensitivity settings

Image via Godzly (YouTube)
Image via Godzly (YouTube)

One of the most important aspects that players must keep in mind is that they should not blindly copy someone’s sensitivity settings just because that person is great at COD Mobile. Users must choose their sensitivity settings according to their play style.

Players can go for fixed speed or opt for speed acceleration as per their comfort. Keeping Firing Sensitivity and Standard Sensitivity identical has been proven to improve the gameplay of players.

#2 - Recoil pattern

Image via WildAce (YouTube)
Image via WildAce (YouTube)

Every COD Mobile player must be aware of the fact that every type of gun has a different recoil pattern. So, they must head to the training room and observe the performance of every gun when it comes to recoil.

Players are also recommended to optimize the performance of a gun by choosing the correct loadouts.

#3 - Dropshots

Image via ValorPlays (YouTube)
Image via ValorPlays (YouTube)

In order to get better at COD Mobile, players can master Dropshots. This is basically a technique where players shoot and go prone at the same time.

It is very effective to take opponents by surprise and makes it difficult for them to aim.

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#4 - Act according to situation

Image via ItzDru (YouTube)
Image via ItzDru (YouTube)

Fight or flight? Every player must have a clear idea about whether they want to engage in a gun war with opponents or take cover.

This decision-making process comes with experience. Players are also advised to play in a comfortable space and not to push themselves too hardly to rank up quickly.

#5 - Practice

Image via WallyCODM (YouTube)
Image via WallyCODM (YouTube)

Nothing beats practice. Players can train in COD Mobile by heading over to the training room, and since there are no opponents, they are relatively at ease when shooting targets.

Moreover, there is no aim assist in the training room, which automatically improves the aim of players. Out of the many exercises in the training room, players can practice tap firing, especially if they are SMG users.

Note: This article is for beginners. While these steps may seem obvious to some, several new players often search for these tips and tricks.

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