COD Mobile: When is the Legendary Mace Lucky Draw coming in Season 3?

Legendary Mace skin in COD Mobile!
Legendary Mace skin in COD Mobile!
Debolina Banerjee

COD Mobile never ceases to impress fans with its updates. Activison made sure that the new update, Season 3: Tokyo Escape, lived up to its hype. From new maps to weapons, players have a lot to explore in the new season.

With the new season comes new in-game rewards, and with new rewards come new lucky draws. COD Mobile Leaks & News revealed some of the lucky draw items in the game.

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COD Mobile: When is the Legendary Mace Lucky Draw coming in Season 3?

COD players tend to wait ardently for new content and Legendary skins. Only one Legendary character skin is coming up with this update, and that is the Mace Final Guard.

Players are super-excited about the soldier outfit, which will be accessible to players shortly. The fourth lucky draw will bring the Mace Final Guard skin along with shiny red Metallurgy skins.

The following list, as per COD Mobile Leaks & News, will give players a better idea about the other upcoming lucky draws and the items that are on the horizon in COD Mobile Season 3:

  • Legendary Arctic.50 Lucky Draw – The first ever Arctic .50 legendary skin will be accessible to players.
  • Legendary Renetti +Legendary Mace Lucky Draw – The most awaited lucky draw, where players will be able to get their hands on Mace Final Guard skin.
  • Legendary PP19 Bizon Lucky Draw – PP19 Bizon made its debut in COD Mobile, and in this draw players will be offered with its Invocation skin in this draw.
  • Legendary ICR1 Lucky Draw – The Legendary blueprint of the assault rifle ICR1 will be featured in this draw.

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Disclaimer: While it is sure that the Lucky Draw will be held soon, the dates have not been confirmed. Most of the leaks suggest that it will be conducted in the second week of May 2021, but since it is not certain, players will just have to wait and watch.

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