COD Mobile: Holger-26 LMG from Warzone might arrive in Season 4

Holger-26 might make its way to the COD Mobile in Season 4, as suggested by recent leaks (Image via Activision)
Holger-26 might make its way to the COD Mobile in Season 4, as suggested by recent leaks (Image via Activision)
Modified 02 May 2021

COD Mobile Season 3 saw two new weapons, PP19 Bizon and Renetti Pistol, added to the series from other COD titles. A recent leak suggests the new LMG Holger-26 could be part of Season 4 because several players noticed the gun in the public test build.

It would be refreshing to see Holger-26 in COD Mobile because the game has not seen an addition in the LMG Class for a long time.

This article dives into everything to know about the new gun before it potentially makes its way to COD Mobile Season 4.

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LMG Holger-26 might arrive in COD Mobile's Season 4

Holger-26's in-game Screengrab posted on COD Mobile's subreddit by a fan (Image via u/Calm-Obligation3069)

Holger-26 is a decent LMG from COD Warzone, with a default 100 round capacity. The damage and accuracy are not that great for this weapon, but the fire rate balances out the weaknesses.

Holger-26 also has an AR variant known as G36C, a more stable weapon, but its availability in COD Mobile is highly doubtful. However, players will be able to make adjustments to the gun in Gunsmith once the weapon physically arrives in the game.

Another leak suggests the arrival of a Mythic Weapon blueprint for Holger-26, which will feature in a Mythic Lucky Draw next season. However, there is also a possibility that the weapon may not be added in COD Mobile Season 4. It can be removed after the test build.

Other leaks and updates about Season 4

New BR class
New BR class 'Time Traveler' can potentially make its way to the game in S4 (Image via Activision)

Apart from the Holger-26 leak, other unconfirmed leaks regarding COD Mobile Season 4 have been making rounds. One such leak is about a new 'Time Traveler' BR class. Others include the arrival of a new blueprint for weapon Hachi, new scorestreaks, and more.

COD Mobile's official Reddit account has also confirmed a few additions and optimizations for Season 4, like the new Clan Wars feature and the new MP map Dome. They also mentioned a few optimizations in weapons and BR operator skills, like buffing and nerfing, to balance performance.

COD Mobile's Season 4 is expected to arrive immediately after the current season ends. Meanwhile, players can check out the current events for exclusive in-game rewards. They can also have a look at Season 3's Battle Pass for many Epic rewards.

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Published 02 May 2021
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