COD Mobile Season 4: Tournament Mode explained - Timings, rewards and more

Tournament mode is live in COD Mobile Season 4 and players can participate in the limited hours every weekend for exclusive prizes and camo rewards (Image via Activison)
Tournament mode is live in COD Mobile Season 4 and players can participate in the limited hours every weekend for exclusive prizes and camo rewards (Image via Activison)
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COD Mobile Season 4 has officially launched a Tournament mode in the game where players have to play random multiplayer games to earn camos and other rewards.

This mode was leaked way back during the public test build and is now finally live in the game. The biggest reason to play this mode is the rewards of free COD points. Free-to-play players have a great chance of winning free COD points for playing this mode well.

✨🤩 Earn the EPIC KN-44 - Red Sprite!⚔️ Fight in the new #CODMobile Tournament mode for glory, rewards, & more here👉…Tournament Mode is currently not available to all players, but we will provide info about updated availability at a later date.

The Tournament mode comes with a few rules and prizes that players would normally expect from a competitive mode. It is also a time-limited mode, which means players can only play it at a certain time each week. Therefore, it is imperative that they put on the best show in the tournament lobbies for a better chance at the free rewards.

There are also a few paid segments in this mode that players who wish to upgrade their rewards can opt for. However, the best rewards are only available on the merits of performance and therefore all players have an equal chance.

Tournament mode in COD Mobile Season 4: Timings, rewards, and more

The Season 4 Tournament mode is an easy format for small map tournaments. Game modes are mostly restricted to four man lobbies or single-player modes like Free For All. There are also three types of rewards that COD Mobile players can earn from this tournaments.



Tournament mode is only open in the game for three days, which is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The tournaments will be played across a season and each season will last for a month. Furthermore, the mode is only open for four hours on the applicable days. The timings for designated hours will vary from region to region.


There are three kinds of rewards that players can earn from this mode:

1) Victory rewards: Players get crowns for each win and winning four games in total will get them an extra crown, a calling card and a Red Sprite crate.

2) Milestone rewards: There are crown milestones that players can reach to get milestone rewards. All milestones can be completed with 20 crowns in total. There are Red Sprite camo crates for weapons and players who wish to spend a bit of CPD points can get additional rewards like crates and Operator skin camos.

3) Rank rewards: Players who make it to the top of leaderboards will get more rewards like frames, emotes and free COD points.



Below are all the modes players can play in the mode:

  • Gunfight
  • Gunfight Team Deathmatch
  • 2v2 Team Deathmatch
  • 2v2 Kill Confirmed
  • Free For All

COD Mobile players can play multiple games in the four hours every day the tournament is live. The leaderboard will be the objective for most players to obtain the free COD points and purchase cosmetics with it from the Store.

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