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CodeMiko reveals that her Twitch ban was not because of saying "simp" 

Image via CodeMiko
Image via CodeMiko
Modified 22 Jan 2021

CodeMiko has not given any information as to why she was banned or how long the ban will last. But, she has clarified that it was not becasue of the word "simp."

CodeMiko has revealed very little about her most recent ban. The streamer has not done anything that seems to have been the main reason. One of her tweets show that she is "sorry." What for though, is something no one is sure about. The "Pepe" picture that went with it isn't all that descriptive either.

As for her return, CodeMiko has only said that she will "be back soon." It is clear that Miko understands the reasoning for her ban enough not to argue it, but her lack of an explanation to fans, points to a bit of shame.

Fans have speculated that it was because of the use of the word "simp," as Twitch has gone on to ban words like "virgin," "simp," and "incel" from the platform. The addition of the words to the naughty list is to stop anyone from feeling bullied or singled out.

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Many have called out CodeMiko fans, because Miko is a 3D modeled character, controlled in a high tech motion capture suit. Her features remind fans of anime characters, and the idea of a computer type woman seems to make haters biased against the streamer.


Whether or not CodeMiko will reveal the cause of her ban is still to be seen.

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CodeMiko fans are taking the ban very hard

The biggest impact of the ban was on the fans. There has been an immediate call of arms from her fanbase and many are speculating that Miko isn't forthcoming with how much the use of words led to her ban.

Many fans are hurt, but they will feel better when she is back.

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Published 22 Jan 2021, 21:49 IST
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