Coin Master Free Spin Link (December 18): How to get free spins

A consistent stream of free rewards can really help players rank up fast. Source: Image via Sportskeeda
A consistent stream of free rewards can really help players rank up fast. Source: Image via Sportskeeda
Vedant Kottapalle

Coin Master players had a great start to the weekend with a new rewards link being released by developer Moon Active on the official Twitter handle . This link grants players 600,000 coins and 10 spins.

Coin Master is set apart from other strategy building games by the additional challenge of dealing with the slot machines. All resources and actions , from more coins to attacking other players, can only be accessed by the slot machine. Aware of this handicap, developers often extend an olive branch to players in the form of such bonus links.

Additional rewards can be accessed by clicking here on a device with Coin Master installed.

The game has one of the largest user communities and the interactive elements of Coin Master, like gifting other players and raiding fellow players, are largely credited for the same.

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Get free rewards at Coin Master today (December 18)

These reward links can only be used once per account. There are no restrictions on the number of reward links that an individual player can make use of. A number of unfair means are often employed by many members of the community. However, users should be forewarned that the use of such means will result in a permanent ban on that account.

Top players often reiterate that it is better to effectively track the rewards released by the developers than resort to any illegal or unfair means. These links release fairly consistently, with their frequency getting a serious boost during special occasions.

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Currently, with the holidays approaching, multiple rewards can be accessed throughout the week.

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Players should focus on using the spins they have on getting raid opportunities and maximizing their gains. Effectively leveraging all the resources and opportunities that players receive from the slot machine is the learning curve of becoming a top Coin Master player.

For example, many players are not aware of how they can use multipliers to gain extra rewards from the slot machine. Multipliers engage multiple spins in a single push, but the rewards you get from that spin are multiplied by the number of spins used.

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Many challenges, like the one shown above, are available on the Twitter handle . Players should try their luck here as it's a risk-free chance to win big.

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