Coin Master free spin link for today: How to get free rewards

Free spin rewards for the day in Coin Master (Image via Coin Master)
Free spin rewards for the day in Coin Master (Image via Coin Master)

Coin Master is a gratifying game where players compete to build the best village. Players need to use slot machines to win coins to then upgrade their build. The developers of Coin Master usually drop rewards announcements on their Twitter page. Players should keep an eye out for these announcements to avail the rewards for the extra push in their build.

If players want to claim their rewards, they can click here. Players can claim 25 slot spins by using

Coin Master has many fun elements to keep the game interesting such as offering pets and daily rewards. Players can attack and raid other villages to earn loot and beat the leaderboards. Much like actual slot machines, this game draws players in with splashes of color and dazzling sound.

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Acquiring free rewards in Coin Master

Players who checked the Twitter page on October 21 will be able to claim a reward for the 25 free spins on the slot machine. Players can use these spins to win more coins, attacks, shields or raids in the game.

Raiding and Attacking someone's village is by far the best way of earning coins. Adding a multiplier to the slot machine often rewards players by multiplying the loot from the current spin. To use the multiplier, players need to use more spins at a single turn.

Using an x3 multiplier uses up three spins in that one push of the button, but if the player wins a reward, they get three times the total prize. This is very beneficial if players have a strong feeling that this spin will be their lucky one.

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The developers of Coin Master also provide several opportunities to unlock spins by completing the challenges. These can be found on Twitter. Players should take every opportunity to complete these challenges as the rewards justify the effort.

It is crucial for players to follow Coin Master on their Twitter account as these rewards really help players get ahead in the game. Coin Master has an extremely competitive leaderboard with new players joining in every day.

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